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Op-Ed: Bush Brown Butterflies and Courting

By Joie Maccarone     Jan 9, 2011 in Science
I happened upon this curious study regarding courting patterns of the bush brown butterfly and found it amusing that when it comes to courting, the males and females do take their turns. Nice to know there’s equality amongst the sexes.
According to the study,” butterflies use reflective "eye spots" on their wings to attract potential mates.” I suppose it’s equivalent to girls flashing those beautiful long mascara’d lashes at those poor unsuspecting boys. What fellow could possibly resist? But back to the study - it’s the climate of the different seasons that dictate which sex will commence courting the other. During the wet warmer season it’s the males who beat their wings to flash their spots and it’s the cooler dry season when the females decide to flash their wings. It seems to be more attractive because their spots grow brighter during that time. Perhaps that would be equivalent to humans flashing their wonderful pearly whites to the opposite sex.
But what I would like to know is - How do those sexy butterflies handle rejection?
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