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article imageIn attempts to understand Loughner, more questions than answers

By Michael Krebs     Jan 9, 2011 in Crime
Authorities have discovered lists of books preferred by the suspect in rhe Ariona shooting and a YouTube video upload from him, but the picture drawn from these items does not yet tell a narrative.
The YouTube video that has been attributed to Jared Lee Loughner is arguably a montage in madness, exploring vague currency and mathematical themes and attempting to attach those themes to some kind of overarching and multidimensional political and philosophical reality. In short, his "introduction" video does not appear to make much sense.
There have also been a number of reports issued that attempt to make correlations between Mr. Loughner's reading material and the motivations that drove him to unleash a torrent of bullets into Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Griffins and an Arizona crowd that had come to a local Tucson grocery store to interact with her. In fact, The Atlantic attempts to find a thread between a wide variety of works consumed by Mr. Loughner - including Orwell’s Animal Farm, Huxley’s Brave New World, Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Marx’ The Communist Manifesto and Hitler’s Mein Kampf - concluding that the correlation between these titles is that "they deal with the topic of reality perception being controlled by higher powers, as well as the possibility of alternate realities."
USA Today even went so far as to speculate that Mr. Loughner could be an anti-semite - as Congresswoman Griffins is Jewish and Hitler's Mein Kampf was among the shooter's possessions.
But could it be that Mr. Loughner is simply not sane?
His drug use prevented him from entering the army, as the Washington Post has detailed in their report. This rejection likely did not sit well with him.
He is also thought to have been involved with a white supremacist group, as was reported by News One.
But the bottom line remains that we do not know the underlying nature of the motivations behind Jared Lee Loughner's decision to unload an automatic weapon in such a devastating manner. Loughner is not cooperating with police, and until he confesses or otherwise explains himself the public is only left with media conjecture - as there are less answers than there are questions.
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