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article imageMother lowers daughter onto train tracks; girl survives (video)

By Chanah Rubenstein     Jan 8, 2011 in World
Buenos Aires - A video released Friday by a commuter rail operator shows a woman guiding a young girl onto the tracks, trying to avoid the ticket collector.
The incident took place Tuesday but the video wasn’t released until Friday.
As the video shows, a woman is seen lowering a girl underneath the platform. In the video, it seems the woman is about to join her daughter below, but quickly moves out of the way when she sees the train coming. She manages to get out of the way, but her daughter is left below.
It’s assumed she was attempting to avoid paying the ticket fare.
When the train comes to a stop, people are seen rushing toward the woman. She stoops down, peering through the gap to check on the child.
In The Washington Post, manager of Buenos Aires Trains (TBA) Guillermo D’Abenigno is quoted as saying, "We quickly cut the electrical current to avoid any accident."
"You couldn't hear anything. We feared the worst -- that the girl was dead, torn to pieces under the train," he added.
Train workers were able to crawl underneath the platform. They found the girl “terrified but unharmed, safely ensconced inside a tiny nook,” reports The Washington Post.
Authorities haven’t released any information on the woman or her daughter, who looks to be a toddler or a little older. It isn’t known if the mother will face charges.
People commonly do "all kinds of things to get out of paying the fare," said D'Abenigno.
“It was a mishap with a little luck," he added.
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