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Op-Ed: NFL: Dolphins Save Face by Giving Tony Extension

By Kristofor Molson     Jan 8, 2011 in Sports
Miami Beach - After disrespecting Miami disrespected Tony Sparano by flying to California to talk to Jim Harbaugh while Tony was still the coach, the Miami Dolphins turn around and give him a 2 year contract extension.
The Dolphins as an organization has not been happy with the direction of the team and with key additions to the offense like Brandon Marshall they expected more from the offense and expected Chad Henne to be the man at QB. The Dolphins ended the season 7 – 9 overall and third in a very tough division for the second year in a row with the Pats and the Jets both making the playoffs.
Tony Sparano lead the Dolphins to an 11 – 5 record in 2008 after being hired to replace Cam Cameron who went 1 – 15 the year before. With Sparano winning that many games in his first year gave the Dolphins hope that they had found their man, but the last two seasons have been disappointments with reports that he was on the hot seat. Now either the Dolphins were trying to make a point to Tony and show that they will replace him as coach if he does not put them back in the playoff hunt or could they just not get their man in Jim Harbaugh, we will never know.
The Dolphins saved face by giving Tony a 2 year extension to take him through the 2013 season, and putting an end to a week that was clearly mishandled by the Dolphins organization. Most people felt like it was a slap in the face to Tony and next year he would be considered a “lame duck coach”, but with this extension we will see just how Tony will respond. This week has been baffling for those watching but my question is how did Tony take all this? I guess he is still happy to have a job and getting past what the media calls “Black Monday”, but can he lead the team back to the playoffs in a tough division? Can he really respect the organization after how they treated him? Only time can tell, and the biggest question of all is will his team play for him? Tony seems like a good coach and has had a strong coaching pedigree from NCAA to assistants in the NFL; he knows the business aspect of the game the only thing now is to translate all of this into firing his team up to win games next season.
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