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Op-Ed: Why Men Can't Bear To See Women Cry

By Joie Maccarone     Jan 7, 2011 in Science
Ladies, when your husband says "Honey, you know I can’t stand to see you cry.” - Believe him. According to Neurobiologist Noam Seobel’s recent study on why women’s tears have such an affect on men;
It isn’t that men simply happened to be moved by those tears which we shed, it’s that their testosterone levels actually decrease. Also, according to the study, it isn’t the sight of tears but actually it’s the scent. It’s the same subtle pheromones which will either attract or repel the opposite sex.
Now, it’s not that the study proved anything, which women haven’t already known. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Our mother’s and grandmothers have shown us how well tears work and it’s become inherit in our making, so much so that modern and liberated women need to take extra measures to ensure we don’t resort to such manipulative maneuvers.
However, one thing women may not have known is that the scent of their tears is something, which can turn a man off. Therefore, if that’s not something you want to do, then I would suggest you doing your crying when he’s not around.
I would mention that Seobe also states:
“The scent may well be an evolutionary adaptation meant to protect women against aggressive or sexually charged men.”
However since it doesn’t explain why men continue to abuse women in spite of those tears, I would have to add some salt to that one.
Recently, a gentleman admitted that he can't stand to see anything worse than a lady cry. He’s seen horrendous assaults done to people and said that he was unaffected by it. But the one thing he said which he can’t understand is why it bothers him to see a woman cry. Had this study come out a few days prior to that conversation, I would have said, “Honey, it’s all about your testicles.” But that wouldn't have been very lady-like, not would it?
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