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Op-Ed: Boxing: Roger 'Black Mamba' Mayweather, defendant and philosopher

By William Charles Baker     Dec 31, 2010 in Sports
He took the nickname the “Black Mamba” after the deadly snake because of his fighting style and skills. Now embroiled in a criminal case brought by a female boxer the philosopher may be more important than the trainer.
As trainer, uncle and boxing guru for Floyd Mayweather Jr the undefeated champion who has legal problems of his own Roger now has something in common with his nephew besides boxing. With both scheduled to appear in court in January of 2011 the drama continues inside and outside the ring.
But if it was Friday night or any day of the week I could not find a better guy to have a drink with than Roger Mayweather even if it was coffee or a glass of water. As the trainer and uncle of Floyd Mayweather Jr a dry interview would not do justice to the man who many have ridiculed and insinuated that smoke was in the air around him. In order to appreciate his talents you have to understand where he came from and who he is. Former world champion all around bad guy with a series of news events over the years recently capped off by an alleged strangulation charge of a female boxer. The media that no longer report the news but pass moral judgments on everybody have little positive feedback other than pointing to the championships of his nephew but then they never hung out with guys like Roger Mayweather. That had the answer for every question even if it was just a nod of a head or a dismissive smile. Guys like my uncles on my mother’s side that would talk once on a topic so you better listen carefully. If you didn’t get it then the consequences were usually street justice and quickly.
If I was still getting high then I could not find a better guy to talk philosophy with than Roger Mayweather. Having never met him in person the videos out there of his interviews have had to suffice. Like many of the great fighters we know them more from their fighting than from their speaking. In Roger we have a unique opportunity to watch him talk about the business, his nephew, his nephew’s opponents and his general head bobbing meandering answers that never disappoint. He is the Yogi Berra of boxing with more than a few comments that are directed somewhere but not a specific direction. As Yogi once said “when you come to a crossroads, take it” and there in brief is the brilliance of Roger Mayweather. Consequently you spent more time trying to understand what he said than where he was going with his point. Like any great philosopher he made you think. Damn the guy certainly got you thinking.
You don’t train a fighter to become undefeated. You train fighters to win and if he found a guy that could fight then Roger trained that guy until he won or stopped fighting or the partnership dissolved. Not many trainers can say that they trained someone to be undefeated. They can only talk about wins and dismiss loses as the other guys fault. But we know that if Floyd Jr. had a few defeats then Roger would be adored and touted as eccentric or whatever tag the media attaches to people they can control. Who love to shake hands with the cameramen and go along to make a buck but sorry you haven’t got that with Roger Mayweather. Truth is if you came from around the neighborhood you knew that all street philosophers were the same way and when they spoke you listened.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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