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Armenian police bans emo community

By Jozefina Ndoci     Dec 29, 2010 in World
Yerevan - Armenian officials want to make sure that young people continue to keep their culture, not providing any negative part of Western culture into their country and one of their styles of doing this is by banning emo music and clothes.
The Armenian people are afraid that if teenagers start to listen to that kind of music and start believing in the lyrics of the songs, they could harm themselves, along with the fact that they would lose their Armenian culture and turn to Western culture.
What frightens the population the most, according to The Australian, is the fact that two other teens have already committed suicide in Armenia and they were believed to be into the emo style of music.
Masha and her friend Ani, both of them aged 13 decided to start wearing different clothes from the others in order to stand out, but this lead to the search of Masha's home and her computer was checked to see if there were any negative postings or music stored in there.
The Australian said that Masha and Ani now have to dress like everyone else to disguise themselves as being ordinary. "They point and laugh at us. Or even worse, they sometimes beat our boys." Ani was distressed about the situation and also more upset about the fact that the other children do not accept them either.
Police are doing everything they can to prevent more teenagers from getting into the emo style music and they are keeping an eye on schools, teenage hang out places and on the look out for anyone who dresses different which could be emo style.
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