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article imageOp-Ed: Julian Assange moves into literature, will write a book

By Michael Cosgrove     Dec 26, 2010 in Entertainment
The long-running and successful Assange media assault has gone into overdrive with the welcome announcement to all his fans that he will be publishing his autobiography at last after signing lucrative deals for a total of $1.57 million. Congratulations.
Ex-whistleblower-turned-media-darling Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is continuing to wow his fans with the latest in a series of headline-grabbing initiatives which will surely set him on track to become a megastar in a few months, stymieing his critics once again and putting him in stellar orbit.
The man who quite rightly said he doesn’t like the media and that the world’s press may be being used against him amazingly turned it to his advantage yet again today in order to announce his decision to publish the story of his life and times, saying he was forced into it according to Australia’s Herald Sun.
The Australian superstar is said to have told Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper that he is set to rake in a bonanza of $800,000 from American publisher Alfred A. Knopf for the book plus a further bank-balance-busting-bonus in the form of a second publishing deal with British publishers Canongate for $500,000.
But that’s not all. He also said that even more cash will come cascading his way from serialization and other marketing opportunities which are expected to push the moneypot total to a staggering $1.692 million.
Julian’s judicious move comes in the wake of shameful Swedish attempts to besmirch him with trumped-up sex charges following legal action by two CIA femmes fatales in a honeytrap sting affair which is obviously designed to get him kidnapped and sent back to America to be assassinated “Jack Ruby-style” as Julian quite-rightly described it.
Slurs and scurrilous rumors saying that he is a paranoid egotist and that the USA would not kill him in an American jail because why should it attract negative publicity by doing so if the CIA could easily kill him anywhere else in the world without any proof that the USA did it have been largely debunked as being the work of deluded miscreants.
The man who unfairly just missed out on being elected Time magazine’s most influential person in 2010 says he didn’t want to write the book but that he needs the cash to help him defend himself against the Swedish vilification campaign.
Fans will be able to read the inside story of the dreadful kiss-and-tell affair and much more, although it is not yet known if details of the numerous much-whispered-about romantic conquests by the handsome hero with boyish good looks will be included.
He is spending Christmas with friends in a mansion in the English countryside. Presents include an attractive bracelet as a gift from an admirer in the British justice system and he reportedly goes for brisk walks each morning to the local police station to chat with his policeman pals.
Julian Assange originally became well known for an Internet whistle-blowing site he once managed until his cowardly collaborators deserted him. He has long since lost interest in it however and no longer promotes it, preferring the more lucrative job of being a cult figure, and that can only be a good thing.
I’m sure all his fans around the world will join me in a resounding “Well done Julian!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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