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article imageNew Zealand government releases 2,000 UFO, alien documents

By Andrew Moran     Dec 23, 2010 in World
Wellington - The government of New Zealand has declassified approximately 2,000 documents that contain eyewitness accounts of UFOs and alien encounters from military personnel, commercial pilots and members of the general public.
Over the past couple of years, there have been scores of extraterrestrial motion pictures, and many more are coming soon, including “Battle: Los Angeles,” sequels to “Independence Day,” a prequel to “The Thing,” “Cowboys & Aliens” and even a Nazi alien film called “Iron Sky.” For a complete list click here.
This week, under freedom of information acts, the government of New Zealand declassified approximately 2,000 documents that highlight UFO sightings and alien encounters from numerous amounts of people, including military personnel and commercial pilots, reports Agence-France Presse.
Many of the documents include drawings of flying saucers, supposed alien writing and extraterrestrial beings wearing pharaoh masks. However, the New Zealand government was not capable of investigating any of these sightings due to the lack of available resources.
“We've just been a collection point for the information. We don't investigate or make reports, we haven't substantiated anything in them,” said Air Force squadron leader Kavae Tamariki.
The London Telegraph highlights some of the more extravagant sightings and encounters, including one in 1995 where a man came into contact with a giant extraterrestrial who had size 440 feet, was 4,000 feet tall and was named Dead Old Dad. The alien allegedly told the man: “You will remain in hydrogen form for 150 years. Then it will change to sodium.”
Majority of the cases were much of the same. Most of the witnesses say they saw a round, oval-shaped object in the sky with bright coloured lights.
“If you look at the reports, obviously some of them are highly questionable, but others are written very genuinely. People definitely see things that are unexplained,” said Defence Force spokesperson commander Phil Bradshaw, reports the Toronto Sun.
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