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article imageFollow-up: Where is racehorse Appalachian Chief now? Special

By KJ Mullins     Dec 22, 2010 in World
Newmarket - The former racehorse has been in the media recently over outrage that he was being mistreated and that the Ontario SPCA was not caring for him properly. Chief is no longer in a garage stable but where is he?
In late November local citizens in Ontario raised the question as to the care of Appalachian Chief. It was stated by the citizens that the horse was being kept in a small garage stable with no room to exercise and at times moldy hay for feed.
Lonita Stewart of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition said in an email that her group does not know where Chief was taken.
Stewart said in her email that most of those involved with the situation wanted to help Chief and had been long time supporters of the OSPCA. They were dismayed over the lack of care that the horse received and how the OSPCA appeared to ignore those concerns and the suffering that Chief endured. These citizens pooled resources together and had trailers on a 24/7 standby in order to be able to transport him to a location to take care of him properly.
Nov 26th.  Note that half of his hind foot is sinking into the feces and urine soaked floor.  This s...
Nov 26th. Note that half of his hind foot is sinking into the feces and urine soaked floor. This shows a “stall” that has not been cleaned in many, many days.
permission by Canadian Horse Defence Coalition
"In an effort to help the OSPCA these folks even pooled money to help with the expenses, even though NONE of them wanted him for personal gain. Everyone knows that it is much easier to foster a kitten or puppy than a horse and a stallion is even more difficult to place. They did all that for the OSPCA and the OSPCA CHOSE to shun these advocates. The OSPCA chose to ignore the offer AND the suffering of the horse."
On November 29 Allison Cross of Ontario SPCA said during a phone interview that the horse was still at the same location in question despite reports from citizens that the horse had been moved. In a follow-up call Cross said that Chief had indeed been moved. Cross said that Chief is in an undisclosed area and is being followed up by OSPCA on a weekly basis.
"The inspector saw Chief last week and another visit is planned for this week. The owner has moved Chief to another location and at this time Chief is receiving proper care."
Cross explained that the agency will continue to visit Chief and follow-up on his care as they can within the law.
"As the law stands if all orders we have given the owner have been complied with we have to revoke the order unless/until another complaint is made. Right now we are doing follow-up visits. It is possible that this week the orders could be revoked." Cross explained, "Chief, though, is doing much better than last month."
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