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article imageHow Global City is redefining tourism in the Philippines

By Matthew-Paul Narciso     Dec 21, 2010 in Travel
Manila - There is a new kingpin when it comes to partying in Asia. The location may surprise you, but this little town overlooking the Chinese sea is redefining Philippine tourism and overshadowing Manila, Tokyo, and Hong Kong as traditional hubs of amusement.
Visiting the small Island nation of the Philippines is not what it once was. In the past, visiting the Philippines was an excursion of straw huts on white sand beaches, escapades into the lush green jungles, and enjoying nature at its very finest.
In those days, you would sit on a deserted beach, buy a home made dish from a local beach side vendor, drink countless amounts of San Miguel beer, and enjoy the fact that your cell phone simply would not get signal this far away from a city.
You would fall victim to the cool breeze that comes rushing off of the Chinese sea and onto the hot sand on a warm spring evening. You would forget about your life for a few moments and you would love being exactly where you were at that exact moment.
That vision was the way that most people around the world have pictured Philippine tourism for so many years. The truth is, that the beautiful beaches of the northern Philippine Islands have a devious younger sister, and she is eager to please. The younger sister is a city referred to by the locals as Global City and its about a fifteen minute drive from Manila. The actual town is called Fort Bonifacio and what was once a modest military base which acted as the countries last line of defense against invasion is now the regions main destination, seemingly overnight.
Taking the drive down C-5 to the new party capitol of the south pacific is worth it in so many ways. You will now understand why you don't see many Asians getting off of planes in Las Vegas anymore, it will now make sense why Atlantic City poker tables are awkwardly empty, and why Miami is in her closet, crying because you just don't love her anymore.
Billions of dollars from both international and domestic sources have been invested into developing the new Southeast Asian capitol of night life and it shows in such a way that the term "showing off" is an incredible understatement of the obvious. The bars surpass magnificent, indulgence is actually on the menu, and intoxication is guaranteed.
Palm trees meet sky scrapers. Tropical breeze meets Gucci. You meet unforgettable.
Welcome to the new Philippine tourism.
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