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article imageJamie Smart announces new Doctor Who partwork

By Mathew Wace Peck     Dec 20, 2010 in Entertainment
The BBC has commissioned Jamie Smart to illustrate a new Doctor Who partwork magazine, which starts publication in 2011 to tie in with Matt Smith's second TV series playing the Doctor.
The commission was awarded to Smart after he produced a sample issue using images from Smith's first series, which was broadcast earlier this year.
Smart is well known for creating artwork for a number of comics, including Bear, Ubu Bubu and Dandy, which is Britain’s longest-running comic, having first appeared in 1937. Smart has worked on Dandy for the past six years and has been heavily instrumental in its recent relaunch.
Writing on his LiveJournal page, Smart revealed, “There’s a brand new Dr Who partwork magazine coming out in Spring 2011, and I’m very pleased to say I'll be spending most of next year drawing for it.”
Smart – who was introduced to the BBC by Gary Northfield – drew a test piece for the BBC, which was first sent to a focus group along with a handful of other drawings from other artists.
The young artist found out that he’d secured the job just before last Christmas, and was then supplied with (at the time, unscreened) images from Smith’s first series as the Doctor. From the artwork that Smart then produced, a pilot magazine was produced and released in a tst area of the UK.
Now, after nearly a year’s wait, Smart has been told that the magazine is to be rolled out across the country.
Obviously daunted but excited at the prospect, Smart wrote on his blog:
You know how hard it is holding onto a secret for this long? [. . .] for the most part of this year I sat and waited.
A long-term contract like this, to produce weekly work for over a year, is usually a dream to freelancers, but I did have concerns. There are already a handful of other projects I need to be working on next year, and I've been real worried that I’m trying to take too much on. But then the sense of reason kicks in, it’s Dr Sodding Who. What an opportunity.
So I’m very excited to get stuck in. I can’t tell you what kind of thing I’m drawing, but if you’re canny or seen the previews floating round t’internet you may have worked it out. I’ll announce when the magazine is released, and hopefully get permission to show you then some of what I’m contributing. I’m putting my all into these pieces, and I hope it’ll show.
So that’s my 2011. DOCTOR SODDING WHO
Anyone unfamiliar with Smart’s work might like to take a look at his official website. Although none of the artist’s Doctor Who drawings are currently available there, a selection of his other work – including Bear, Ubu Bubu and Dandy – is.
Doctor Who: The Monster Invasion – as it is to be called – will join a number of other Doctor Who-related publications, including Doctor Who Adventures, Doctor Who: Battles in Time, Doctor Who Files and the 30-year-old Doctor Who Magazine.
The next TV episode of the 47-year-old science-fiction dramaA Christmas Carol, by Steven Moffat – will be broadcast at Christmas.
Meanwhile, 2011 will see not one but two new series, which will be broadcast in the spring and autumn (fall). In addition, it has also been rumoured that the BBC is planning an Easter special episode for next year.
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