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article imageOp-Ed: WikiLeaks and its anti-Semitic spokesmen

By Michael Cosgrove     Dec 18, 2010 in Internet
The news that WikiLeaks’ Russian spokesman is said to have a record of anti-Semitism and that his son misquoted his sources in a story he wrote about alleged Israeli control over Swedish media is highly disturbing for several reasons.
To say I was stunned to come across the headline “WikiLeaks employs Israeli-Swedish Holocaust denier” in The Jerusalem Post would be an understatement, and I almost thought for a second that I had mistakenly found myself on The Daily Mash. But no, this was not a spoof.
The Jerusalem Post article refers to an article that had gone relatively unnoticed on the website which seems to have been one of the first places that this story broke. The story is now being relayed on several major news sites.
The article discusses a father and son tandem which is said to be busy spreading anti-Semitic points of view around the Internet. There are many such people of course but the difference here is that one of them – the father - is WikiLeaks’ spokesman for Russia, and the son is the spokesman for Sweden.
A Jew who converted to Orthodox Christian and anti-Semitic views, Israel Shamir recently helped to write a story in Counterpunch which claimed that one of the women who had accused Julian Assange of sexual abuse was working for the CIA. He is also said to be involved in faking leaked cables in order to promote the views of Iran, of working for an anti-Semitic Nationalist group, and of having written that Jews are “a virus in human form” and that it is every Muslim and Christian’s duty to deny the Holocaust. He has been a Swedish citizen since 1992.
Also, his website allegedly includes some very dubious material, including one entry that states “Jews asked God to kill, destroy, humiliate, exterminate, defame, starve, impale Christians, to usher in Divine Vengeance and to cover God’s mantle with blood of goyim,” and that “the picture of Jews slaughtering children for cultic reasons exerted huge impact on the Christian peoples of Europe.”
His son, journalist Johannes Wahlström, shares his father’s views and once wrote that the Swedish media is being manipulated by Jewish interests in an article which was taken off the Internet with apologies by the left wing Swedish paper Ordfront after several journalists he had written about in it complained that he had misquoted them. He is also the man in charge of distributing the WikiLeaks cables in Sweden.
WikiLeaks central spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson has confirmed that Israel Shamir and Johannes Wahlström are in charge of cable distribution in Russia and Sweden respectively, despite denials by Shamir, although he certainly seems to know Assange as there is a picture of him in Assange’s company on the Internet.
Now I don’t really know or care whether all or some or a little of all this is true or not, although it would seem that WikiLeaks is involved with some people who are not necessarily good for its image, nor that of Assange.
It is all a little inevitable of course. Assange and WikiLeaks are involved in a murky battle against what they claim to be sinister people who are plotting their downfall and they must have expected that things wouldn’t be easy. This anti-Semitic twist however has a sickeningly familiar odor about it. It’s the odor of the Internet underworld and its unhealthy inhabitants.
But the worst aspect of all this has nothing to do with WikiLeaks or Julian Assange, who I do not believe shares the anti-Semitic views of what seem to me to have been some very badly-vetted collaborators that he should get rid of as soon as possible. It has to do with the fact that two very unsavory-looking characters who are involved in activities of an anti-Semitic nature as well as fabricating facts for the press are in charge of leaking diplomatic correspondence from the United States and other countries to the world’s press.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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