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article imageOp-Ed: Senator Harry Reid, from amateur boxer to political fighter

By William Charles Baker     Dec 17, 2010 in World
Washington - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) decided to pull a 1,924 page omnibus spending bill rather than read the entire contents forced by political opposition over earmarks.
Reid had come under fire for trying to rush through the measure with few days left before Christmas recess and adequate time to review the bill. Threatening to finish all important legislation he had moved into a defensive posture and prepared to defend his actions. The egregious provisions for earmarks or add on to proposed legislation by Republicans as well as Democrats was not received favorably. Even though many in both parties had promised to vote against the bill and indicated they had only put in their earmarks in case the bill passed.
The Senate finally agreed to keep the government running with a continuing resolution for funding. The short term measure keeps the affected parts of government funded until final appropriations can be made. Battling until the end to preserve his position Senator Reid must now work with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for another bill. Knowing Harry Reid an original tough guy it may not be a match without a knockout.
It has become fashionable even comical at times to pick on Harry Reid. The senator for the state of Nevada has not helped his cause by the continuing stream of bizarre and untimely comments from the smell of tourists at the Capitol Visitors Center in Washington to the ethnic origins of President Barack Obama. Sandwiched alongside have been comments about domestic violence rising among unemployed men and other spurious remarks that seem to have no relevance. As one of the leading political figures with President Obama and soon to be ex Speaker of The House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi he continues to draw more attention because of his behavior. Political conduct 101 obviously was not one of his courses along the way but don’t forget that he is the original tough guy.
If you know little about the state of Nevada except Las Vegas, gambling and entertainment then you might not be acquainted with the state that was one of the last frontiers. The thirty sixth state to enter the union and home to legalized gambling, quick marriages divorces and legalized brothels in some areas. In that legacy are the early stories of Harry Reid native son, crime buster, involvement in FBI video surveillance and bomb threats while chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission. You might not know of his early youth as an amateur boxer only the stories that now circulate on talk radio. The man is not a milk toast if he stood up to the kinds of situations that a tough guy would have to do. The fact that he is now riding the range with a political party that has lost its way is not unusual because he is not the type to cut and run.
10 000 Scrubs
Nevada Senator Harry Reid, joined by Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Donnetta Miller, a nurse at UMC in Las Vegas and Dennis Rivera, Chairman of Partnership for Quality Care, speaks at a press conference about the progress of health insurance reform.
Courtest of Senator Harry Reid
The polarizing issue of healthcare reform legality and public discord almost brought the longevity of Harry Reid in the United States Senate to an end. The fact that he won his reelection bid is probably upsetting too many that had him down for the count but fits his lifestyle with real tough guys not those in the Senate chamber. With the Tea Party and Republicans nipping at his heals he had to call in Manny Pacquiao to make a special campaign appearance before the midterm election.
Regardless of his record which has contained any number of legislative achievements and scandals especially in the area of land in Nevada, he has survived a major election challenge and remains in the Senate as the majority leader. In Nevada where the state flag is emblazoned with the words “Battle Born” how could we expect less from Senator Harry Reid?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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