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Someone in need of cheering up? Flattery Calls may be the answer Special

By Andrew Moran     Dec 14, 2010 in Business
Montreal - The winter blues are upon us. The skies are grey, frigid temperatures engulf Canada and humans are barely recognizable as they cover themselves in pounds of clothing. Need some cheering up? may be the answer.
If you’re an employer and you have an employee who has done an excellent job, how do you inform them that you’re appreciate of their hard work? If you know someone who is having a terrible, miserable day, how can you cheer them up?
Need a solution? Flatter Me Calls is the latest business to solve a lot of the aforementioned problems.
How did it start?
“About 1 year ago I took a big risk and left a very comfortable marketing executive position to start my own business,” said Flattery Specialist and President of, Miriam Glassman. “I really wanted to do something original and creative. I wanted to do something that reflected my personality more. I spent a lot of time trying to come up with the “perfect” business idea.”
The business idea came about during a “brainstorming session” with a friend. Glassman concluded that the venture was a great idea because it was “positive” and it could make people “laugh and feel good.”
“We've flattered people from all over the world (Russia, NZ, Italy etc.),” notes Glassman. “People always laugh and sometimes even get emotional when we're delivering really personal messages. It's amazing to be able to change someone’s mood with such a small gesture. It's a great moment.”
How does it work?
For $5USD, a potential buyer can purchase one of ten calls, including an “Employee Motivation” call, “You Can Do It” call, “Got a Crush On You” call, “Holiday Greeting” call and even “Apology Calls” for someone who wants to wrong a right.
For an extra $5, you can purchase international calls for outside Canada and the United States.
There are no scheduled calls, unless you have a special request, but calls are made from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Glassman notes they respect time zones. notes that weekend telephone calls are “reserved for special occasion calls for now.”
The service needs at least 24 hours notice before the call is made. calls three times and if the person is still unavailable by the last call then the company leaves a message on the answering machine, which counts as the call.
Glassman says they receive between 40 and 100 calls per day: “Right now, it is really busy because of the holiday season. A lot of people have written us to say that they are sending out "Holiday Flattery Calls" instead of mailing out cards this year.”
Flatter Me Calls
Appreciation Calls, notes Glassman, are the most popular calls, which are also the primary calls: “It’s the ‘You are awesome call’ to someone special in your life.” She adds that most people tend to insert a customized “flattery” message for the person.
Flatter Me Calls are becoming very popular in the corporate world, according to Glassman, which is why Employee Motivation and Recognition Calls have become the second most popular calls for the company.
These calls are used as tools to congratulate an employee on a job well done, meeting targets, being a great worker, et cetera.
“I have companies also using it for their VIP customers. We just flattered the entire cast of a production,” states Glassman. “Someone within the cast anonymously got it for everyone within the production. The messages were really fun and it became a game for everyone to try & figure out who within them was sending out all these wonderful messages. It was a big success and I was told it brought everyone together.”
Employees have been quite appreciative of the calls. When employees receive this call they usually respond with “This made my day” or “I was having a really bad day and this call came at the right time. I needed it.”
At the present time, they have not received any complaints from people. Those receiving these calls are usually “surprised” at first and then “they usually start laughing” once they hear who the call is from.
Future of
The company has decided to expand the type of calls on the corporate side in order to be used as motivational tools for employees: “We are working on developing diverse motivation and recognition packages for companies. We also looking to add other languages.”
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