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article imageToronto's waterfront barren other than the skates Special

By KJ Mullins     Dec 11, 2010 in World
Toronto - It's winter time in Toronto. The trees are bare. The lake longs for the summer's boaters. Just mere weeks ago green was everywhere, now Mother Nature has stripped the waterfront of its colour. A barren wasteland except for merry skaters at Harbourfront.
Toronto s music gardens along Lake Ontario
Toronto's music gardens along Lake Ontario
The music garden along Lake Ontario has lost its colour. It's that time of year where everything looks barren, waiting for something to happen. The snow flakes have yet to turn the garden into a winter wonderland yet so the area waits in barren unity for Old Man Winter to come back to town.
Canada Malting Co Silos
Canada Malting Co Silos
In the distance the Canada Malting Co Silos stand with cranes scattered around, repairs in progress. A tall fortress in the distance yet protecting no one, idle for years.
Just weeks ago people were running along the shoreline, iPods blaring. Today the young went elsewhere, perhaps it was the gray skies that turned them away.
kayaks stacked away for the season
kayaks stacked away for the season
During the summer the lake is alive with colourful kayaks and sailboats out for a day of adventure. Those kayaks are now nestled safely into bed. The stacks looking like an oblong jewel box readying for Christmas Day.
boat in Lake Ontario
boat in Lake Ontario
It's winter in Toronto. Lake Ontario goes to sleep. A few brave boats remain, standing firm. They are ready for the cold winds of winter. Ready to battle the freezing waters. They are Canadian boats after all. It's their nature to remain outside awaiting the snowy days and nights.
There is music in the air as we near Harbourfront Centre. Christmas carols are shouting out that life is still in place. Skaters circle the outdoor rink looking out to the vast lake. All is well, the weather has bound the hearty souls to this icy spot. Pink cheeks dimple as children smile, laughing from the wonder of how a blade can allow them to dance across the ice.
ice skating at Harbourfront Centre
ice skating at Harbourfront Centre
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