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Julian Assange not using condom, warrants arrest?

By Sara Star     Dec 8, 2010 in Politics
London - Not using a condom, can this land someone on the Interpol's Most Wanted list? This seems to be one of the accusations against Julian Assange that forced him to come in for questioning on Tuesday.
RT questioned if the United States wanted Assange extradited to their country.
Security Analyst (Kings College) James Denselow answered, "Maybe in the near future there will come across leaked documents showing how the US put pressure on Sweden and Great Britain to secure the arrest of Julian Assange... It is highly unusual to be accused of having consensual sex, but not necessarily using a condom.”
AFP quotes Assange's 20 year old son as saying that he hoped his father’s arrest in Britain was not a “step towards his extradition to the U.S.”
According to the Guardian:
There is a Sweden-US extradition treaty, signed in 1961, which provides a legal foundation for extraditions between the countries.
Offers to pay his bail by 44 year old beauty, Jemina Khan, English socialite, were futile, as the judge denied bail insisting that he is a flight risk. Four other wealthy donors have stepped up also, including film director Ken Loach and the writer John Pilger, who had together raised one-hundred and eighty thousand pound in sureties.
Bail re-application will be filed according to his lawyer in a public speech, who says they have yet to see the evidence.
Support for Assange is seen all over the world, including a Kremlin source who suggests Assange be put forward for a Nobel prize, reported by AFP.
"Social and non-governmental organisations need to think how to help him, ... Perhaps he can be put forward as a laureate for the Nobel Prize."
Visa and Mastercard have suspended Wikileaks account. National Post reports hackers have claimed to have attacked their sites in retaliation.
Hackers claimed Wednesday to have attacked the websites of Mastercard and a Swiss bank in apparent reprisal for their decisions to choke off funding for the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks.
According to BBC, PayPal has admitted to being pressured by the US to stop payments to Wikileaks. Visa and Mastercard followed, and both companies are now facing the threat of legal action from the IT company that enables Wikileaks to accept credit and debit card donations.
Swiss-based Datacell said it would move immediately to try to force Visa Europe and Mastercard to resume allowing payments to the whistle-blowing website.
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