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Death Row's strange requests for last meals

By William Charles Baker     Dec 8, 2010 in World
Inmates on Death Row in America are traditionally allowed any last meal request they desire before execution. The long walk that follows need not be suffered on an empty stomach.
These inmates are traditionally allowed any last meal request they desire before execution. Below are some of the strange requests that were given and reviewed by prison authorities. These have ranged from Jolly Rancher candy to dirt for a ritual ceremony.
An inmate was sentenced in 1982 for the sexual assault and murder of an eleven year old. His request consisted of one black olive with the pit removed. While other food items could have been ordered it was not mandatory.
Another inmate was executed for murder and robbery in 1990. His request was of a more earthly nature. The request for dirt was allegedly for a voodoo ritual which was denied because the item was not on the approved prison menu. His next choice was yogurt which he accepted.
On the other extreme in 1995 Thomas J. Grasso had a more extensive list of items. The sheer volume outweighed many other requests that were weird but less complicated.
The Telegraph reports:
“Grasso was executed in 1995 for using Christmas tree lights to strangle an 85-year-old woman. His bizarre last meal request was for two dozen steamed mussels, two dozen steamed clams, a Burger King double cheeseburger, six barbecued spare ribs, two large milkshakes, a tin of SpaghettiOs with meatballs, half a pumpkin pie and strawberries and cream.”
In spite of fulfilling Grasso’s requests there was a complaint that he did not get Spaghetti Os but spaghetti alone and the press was informed before his execution.
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