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article imageOp-Ed: Crystal Bowersox's extraordinary new album out Dec. 14 Special

By Vlad Bourceanu     Dec 6, 2010 in Entertainment
“Halfway to crazy, not far from sane” are the first few words of Crystal Bowersox’s song, Farmer’s Daughter, which is the title track of her eponymous album, available to pre-order from her official website and released to the world on Dec. 14.
And yes; one would have to be halfway to crazy and not very far from insanity itself not to enjoy the extraordinary album that Bowersox has put out.
From the upbeat opening song “Ridin' with the Radio”, an homage to music of times gone by and an invitation to just sing, to the extraordinary closing song “Arlene”, a song about having to “do it by oneself” if one wants to get anywhere, one is taken on a journey of epic proportions, a true musical tour-de-force. For a debut album, this is nothing short of sensational.
The journey takes us through songs such as “Farmer’s Daughter”, a veritable anthem against child abuse, through classic-already songs such as “Holy Toledo”, with its quiet question: “How do I get to heaven from here?”. And it never lets up. Through brilliant songs such as “On the Run” and “Kiss Ya”, the album truly comes into its own with the later songs, such as the extraordinary last four songs “Speak Now”, “Mine All Mine”, the duet “Mason” (a celebration of love if there ever was one) and the final song, the beautiful “Arlene”.
Stunned? I certainly am.
Crystal Bowersox took her own direction, musically, post the fame-bringing singing competition that American Idol is (of which she was easily and by far, in my opinion, the best contestant the competition ever had). And by God it’s worth it. She has won the proverbial bet with the producers, with her present and future audiences, and perhaps with herself too. This is, make no mistake, a truly superlative, extraordinary album; and believe me, as a professional musician with over 25 years of expertise in one of the most demanding fields of them all, the classical music field, I am not easily given to superlatives, except for when they are truly deserved.
In fact, just listen for yourselves. Crystal has today released her album for streaming for FREE at the link here.
If you like what you hear, as I'm personally sure you will, please buy the album if you can … it is easily worth twice the price charged, in my view, and musicians, like everyone else, must be fairly rewarded for their efforts in order to be able to continue.
Long may she indeed continue, therefore - sincere congratulations.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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