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article imageTopfinds: Inside NASA's arsenic finding, winter hits UK hard

By Chris Hogg     Dec 3, 2010 in Internet
The UK sees whiteout after snowstorms blanket the nation. Expert says airport scanners may cause cancer. NASA's arsenic announcement. Apple iPad 2 in the works. Wikileaks continues to steal headlines. These are the top stories from around the world.
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Top Digital Journal Reports

Arctic blasts set to send UK temperatures down to -27c (Includes first-hand account) by Kev Hedges
Temperatures are set to plunge again overnight tonight after one of the coldest starts to December in more than 20 years has caused chaos throughout the UK.
BC biotech company bets the farm on GM non-browning apples (Includes interview) by Stephanie Dearing
A British Columbia biotechnology company has employed genetic modification to create the world's first non-browning apple.
A TSA employee looking at the images from an X-ray scanner at an American airport
A TSA employee looking at the images from an X-ray scanner at an American airport
Screenshot from TSA video
Radiation expert: Airport scanners could cause cancer (Includes interview) by David Silverberg
A Columbia University professor who studies radiation effects believes we are underestimating the potential cancerous risk of going through airport X-ray scanners. "Skin cancers are a particular concern," says David J. Brenner.
Tim Burton Retrospective in Toronto (Includes first-hand account) by Bryen Dunn
Renegade director Tim Burton gets the spotlight he deserves with a massive retrospective of his collection of films, art, and scripts at Toronto's new TIFF Bell Lightbox.
Boxing experts surprised at SI's non-inclusion of Pacquiao (Includes interview) by Kenneth P. Ragpala
Sports Illustrated has chosen its Sportsman of the Year award winner. And it is not Manny Pacquiao, causing some stir within the boxing world.

Top Images

The Castle with a slight smattering of snow.  Spot the convicts clearing the street...
The Castle with a slight smattering of snow. Spot the convicts clearing the street...
President Bill Clinton speaking alongside failed Gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero (October  2010...
President Bill Clinton speaking alongside failed Gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero (October, 2010).
Staff are busy making ice at the Storybook Gardens skating rink.
Staff are busy making ice at the Storybook Gardens skating rink.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford and his aides.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford and his aides.

In the Media

NASA: Arsenic resistant organism to impact search for ET life by Igor I. Solar
The astrobiology finding revealed the first known microorganism on Earth able to thrive and reproduce using arsenic, suggesting that NASA could start to look for life on planets previously ignored.
Opinion: NASA announcement- Arsenic based life hugely important by Paul Wallis
NASA’s astrobiology announcement wasn’t based on happy snaps from Mars, Saturn or any of the speculation flickering around the net. Instead, it was something much more important in many ways.
Two Women Arrested for Using Their Fat to Steal Merchandise by Kassandra Garcia
Two obese women used the folds of fat covering their stomachs to conceal merchandise at a TJ Maxx store in Edmond, Oklahoma.
Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin
by sskennel
Opinion: Either way, Palin is wrong on the Wikileaks issue by Michael Cosgrove
Sarah Palin’s recent declarations on Wikileaks and the Obama administration show that she is apparently unaware of the facts, but is she really that uninformed? Or did she make those declarations with purely political objectives in mind?
Former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy keen to return to the series by Mathew Wace Peck
Sylvester McCoy has confirmed that he'd like to return to Doctor Who for the 50th anniversary of the BBC's science-fiction television drama.
China may ban trend of nude wedding photos for couples by Laura Trowbridge
It may be the latest trend around the world for the most uninhibited to get married in the nude. Young couples in China are having their wedding photos taken in the nude.
Opinion: Manny Pacquiao and the Insignificance of Eight World Titles by William Charles Baker
If Manny Pacquiao wants to be considered the best of all time he has to abandon the idea - and promoter hype - that the eight titles really mean anything.
The Apple iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi
The Apple iPad 16GB with Wi-Fi
Courtesy Apple
Next-generation 'iPad 2' in development by David James Young
As rumours begin to circulate around the design and features of Apple's next-generation iPad, one publication in Taiwan has reportedly gotten the insider scoop.
Indie rock band Minus The Bear picketed by Christian group by David James Young
Seattle-based indie rock band Minus the Bear had a bizarre encounter with a fundamentalist Christian protest group in Orlando over the weekend, who picketed out the front of the band's headlining show at local venue Firestone Live.
Wikileaks target of 'mass Denial of Service attack' by Michael Cosgrove
Whistle-blowing Internet site Wikileaks was hit by what it calls "a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack" today according to a post on its Twitter account.
FBI dupes terror attack on Xmas tree lighting in Portland by Paul Wallis
It's going to be a much merrier Christmas in Portland than it might have been. An attempted vehicle bombing attack on a Christmas tree lighting by a Moslem extremist was stopped before it even started.
DHS seizing websites guilty of copyright infringement by Aaron Jefferson
The past several days have seen the Department of Homeland Security, through its investigative arm seize dozens of domain names linked with copyright infringement.
The Manny Pacquiao BBC Documentary by Edwin Ladaga
The Pacquiao story continues to be heard across the globe as the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) features Filipino boxing superstar on its regular program called "The Friday Documentaries."
Strippers upset after blog publishes semi-nude rooftop photos by Lynn Curwin
A group of strippers and waitresses who took breaks on the roof of Toronto’s Zanzibar Tavern say their privacy was invaded when pictures of them wearing very little clothing were taken and published in a popular blog.

Top Blogs

President Bill Clinton and I
President Bill Clinton and I
I met President Bill Clinton... by Matt Harding
The day was October 24, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan....
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! No choice really as 2 million inches of snow falls on Edinburgh by Gemma Fox
A simple trip to the shops has turned into a mammoth effort this last week. Why? Well, Edinburgh has had nearly 2 feet of snow dumped on it since last week.
The best book on photography by Ken Wightman
I've been discussing photojournalism. As usual, a common questions is, "What's the best book on photography?" The usual reason for asking this is, "I have problems (blurry pictures, poor exposures, etc.) and I don't know what to do."
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