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article imagePolice fury after woman dials 999 because her snowman was stolen

By Kev Hedges     Dec 3, 2010 in Crime
Chatham - Kent Police in southern England have blasted a woman who rang the emergency services number 999 to report the theft of her snowman. The woman has been described as "completely irresponsible" by the force in Chatham.
Police said the woman was adamant the situation warranted its assistance as the eyes were made out of £1 coins ($1.60) and the arms were made from teaspoons. The woman told emergency service operators, "It ain't a nice road but you don't expect someone to nick your snowman." Kent police have paid the woman a visit and drilled her advice on real 999 emergencies.
The force said that the woman's call was made at about the same time as operators were dealing with a deluge of emergency calls from stranded drivers, minor vehicle shunts and people generally getting into difficulty in the freezing conditions. Kent itself has been particularly hard hit in the past few days as snowfall in the region has topped 10in (25cm). Schools are closed and temperatures have not gone above 0c (32f) for several days.
Chief Inspector Simon Black of Kent Police said, "this could have cost someone their life". The woman however was more concerned about the theft of her snowman, reports the BBC Kent News. She had operators listening in disbelief as she unrepentantly told police, "I haven't been out to check on him for five hours but I went outside for a fag [cigarette] and he's gone."
The operater then enquired, "who has gone?", expecting a family member or friend had disappeared - to which the woman replied, "My snowman. I thought that with it being icy and there not being anybody about, he'd be safe." Operators then asked her if it was an ornament [of value] to which she candidly replied, "No, a snowman made of snow, I made him myself. It ain't a nice road but at the end of the day, you don't expect someone to nick your snowman, you know what I mean?"
The operator then told her she had rung an emergency line and she should not be calling it to report the theft of a snowman.
An audio of the 999 call be heard here
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