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article imageChannel 4 News publishes leaked gruesome Tamil execution video Special

By Andrew Moran     Dec 1, 2010 in World
Jaffna - More photos and videos have been published by Channel 4 News depicting Tamil executions conducted by Sri Lankan security forces. Although the video has not been verified, faces and voices can be seen and heard.
Last year, Digital Journal reported on the execution video of several Tamil males by Sri Lankan military personnel. The video was obtained by Channel 4 News and it received worldwide attention and anger from both the Tamil and international communities.
The Sri Lankan government said it was a fake but the United Nations said otherwise.
This week, Channel 4 News published another gruesome, violent execution videotape, but this time it was “too gruesome to broadcast” due to the nature of what could be seen. After the video went viral, it was even taken off of YouTube.
One of the few websites now to have uncut and unedited video is LobbyForPeace.
What seems to carry on from last year’s leaked video; the footage shows several men, women and children bounded and naked in a muddy field surrounded by multiple soldiers. The Tamils are then forced on their knees and are shot in the back of their head.
The recording also shows a child who has been shot in the head with a very large open wound. Later on, one soldier takes the rags off of a woman’s breasts and vagina and begins to laugh. The camera pans to other naked men who have been executed.
The video is five minutes long and is the latest to show violence that ensued during the final stages of the civil war between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
According to Channel 4 News, the Sri Lanka High Commission released a statement denying that the new video was authentic:
“The High Commission of Sri Lanka categorically denies that the Channel 4 News TV video is authentic. Last year when Channel 4 News telecast a similar video the Government of Sri Lanka clearly established, by reference to technical considerations, that it was not genuine but fake. The present video is nothing more than an elongated version of the same video."
Sri Lanka’s High Commission went onto state that the separatists were behind the release of the video and “have not contributed towards restoration of normalcy and livelihoods of the deprived people affected by the conflict.”
In an e-mail to Digital Journal, Coalition to Stop the War in Sri Lanka spokesperson, Senthan Nada, cited the need for an independent, international inquiry and urged the Canadian establishment to demand for one.
“The latest development clearly emphasizes the urgent need of an Independent International investigation on the War crimes committed in Sri Lanka,” said the spokesperson. “We have been seeing a lot of support emerging for an International Independent inquiry against the Government of Sri Lanka from many human rights organizations, political figures and other countries.”
Nada added that Canada should use its “strong human rights voice” to promote an independent inquiry against the Sri Lankan government for both war crimes and genocide in the country.
“There is a lot of truth to be uncovered here where so many lives at stake and many incommunicable Human Rights violations against Tamils are taking place,” continued Nada. “Another interesting point is that successive Canadian Governments have accepted the fact that Tamils (minority) in Sri Lanka are facing oppression by the Government and provided Asylum to the largest Diaspora of Tamils outside of Sri Lanka in Canada.”
In November, Al Jazeera published a slideshow highlighting hundreds of Tamil corpses. Each photo shows hundreds of dead bodies either on the back of a truck being transported or lying on the ground.
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