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Sex: Some things you should know by age 40

By Laura Trowbridge     Nov 20, 2010 in Lifestyle
Most people are interested in having a satisfying sex life. By the time we reach the age of 40, we should have a good amount of knowledge concerning what turns each other on.
From an article in Prevention, there are 40 sexual things people should know by age 40.
Some of the more interesting highlights of the article include how the length of a penis is not as important as the width of it, and that women just like the way a penis looks more than how it's "hung."
An AARP survey showed that almost half of women between ages 45-49 masturbate. Another survey from the University of Indiana reported that over half of the women in their survey admitted to using a vibrator at least once.
A man's penis size really can be told by his hands, according to a University of Liverpool study. "The longer a man's ring finger, the longer his penis. Both are determined by the amount of testosterone he was exposed to in the womb. If his ring finger is the same size or smaller than his index finger, he received lower levels of testosterone."
Cold feet can be an orgasm killer. Research from the Netherlands has shown that cold feet can make it more difficult to reach an orgasm by 50 percent of couples, while having socks on makes orgasms possible for 80 percent of couples.
From a study by University of California "the [musky] scent of a man boosted women's sexual arousal, mood, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate."
Men who make more money turn their wives or girlfriends on more than their poorer counterparts, according to a survey by the University of Newcastle in England.
Almost one-third of women do not orgasm during intercourse "because thrusting rarely stimulates the clitoris."
Sometimes men like having the woman make the first move to encourage sex.
"After the age of 40, testosterone levels decline approximately 1 percent per year, with a steep drop between the ages of 45 and 50." This means middle-aged men may not be as much in the mood for sex as when they were younger.
In a study by England's University of Sheffield about half of the men surveyed said "nipple stimulation caused or enhanced their arousal. But only 17 percent ever asked for it." So ladies, make sure you play with your man's nipples.
Toes, fingers, earlobes and the back of the knees are "key erogenous zones for both men and women."
Married people have more sex on average than single people, 69 times per year compared to 60 times for the unmarried person.
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