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article imageOp-Ed: Alcoholism When One Drink is too many

By William Charles Baker     Nov 18, 2010 in Health
New York - Shadows of an empire that could send a man to the moon and build a skyscraper and split an atom still cannot split a drunk from a drink.
The Bowery covers a small part of lower Manhattan in New York City. Saints and sinners, lawyers, doctors, priests, politicians and ordinary citizens are there because of one drink too many. The first one and the last one a million drinks away while mothers wait for sons and daughters that will never return. They remain penitent to the point of begging for forgiveness but resolute that a drink would be better than returning to a world clear from the cloud of alcoholism.
Cars race by and good people hold their noses from the stench and the cancerous fumes of the lost. Women more pathetic than men as they sit cross legged in obscure hiding places and stair wells. Urinating with spread stance as dogs walk by and cringe at the site of what once was a mother or daughter, now part of the walking dead. We find ourselves either sympathetic or we are victims ourselves. The heart cannot bear the pain of so much suffering over what is just a drink.
The so called normal who frequent the upper class bars and restaurants wear diamond wrist watches and work in the finest establishments scoff at the weakness. For them a drink is a mere tool to move up the corporate ladder or conquests in the bedroom. Stopping at the local store to replenish vodka or scotch empties the new bottle resting for another year. Shadows of an empire that could send a man to the moon and build a skyscraper and split an atom still cannot split a drunk from a drink.
We know the only solution is to stop. The twelve step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous provide a clear path to recovery but first there must be a total resolution that the pain has become too much and the suffering is no longer worth the euphoria that once was. Having been touched by so many who have suffered and fallen to the depths of despair it is personal. For them one drink is too many and never worth the insanity and incarceration and degradation of the life of an alcoholic. Thanksgiving and Christmas come and go and the season turns to spring and the outreach and campaigns begin to fade as warm weather clears our collective conscience. The same faces and some new faces arrive and we turn away and cry for them because one drink is too many.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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