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article image'Red Riding Hood' gets a 'Twilight' makeover

By R. Francis Rubio     Nov 19, 2010 in Entertainment
What big eyes you have Grandma. No, it isn't your grandmother's "Little Red Riding Hood." The innocent little hooded one is all grown up now and looking for adventure in a new film set for a 2011 release.
Warner Bros. has just released the trailer for the new updated version of the children's fairy tale classic "Red Riding Hood." Catherine Hardwicke, director of the film, also shot the first installment of the supernatural love story, "Twilight." So, it would stand to reason that it was Hardwicke's idea to update the storyline to woo the movie-going public, especially the highly energized "Twilight" generation.
Not so. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Ms. Hardwicke credited Leonardo DiCaprio with the idea. She told the Times DiCaprio thought, "Wouldn’t it be cool to do a Gothic twist on Red Riding Hood, with the wolf being a werewolf, and just have a cool, sexy romantic thriller?" Soon after they began developing the idea.
The movie features Amanda Seyfried as the lead character Valerie, the young woman dawning the stylish red cape along with co-stars Shiloh Fernandez as Peter (Valerie's love interest) and Max Irons playing the part of Henri (Valerie's betrothed).
Although the trailer portrays the movie as set in medieval times which Ms. Hardwicke confirms, she's reluctant to pinpoint a time or place, saying. "It’s medieval but we didn’t want to say it’s 1437 southern France. We didn’t want to nail it down that much because it is a fairy tale interpretation."
When asked in the Times interview, Why has the story of Red Riding Hood endured?
Hardwicke replied:
The girl in the story, her mother tells her, “Go straight to your grandmother’s house. Don’t dawdle or talk to strangers.” And she stops and picks flowers. She’s getting in touch with her own sensuality and then the wolf comes up and asks where she’s going and she tells him. She unknowingly opens up that door to let the wolf into her life. And then there’s so many interpretations of the red cape and what it symbolizes, from witchcraft to coming of age and sexuality.
Catherine Hardwicke & Madison @ Borders Books in Allen  TX for Twilight DVD Premiere
Catherine Hardwicke & Madison @ Borders Books in Allen, TX for Twilight DVD Premiere
M. Hodge
Filmed in Vancouver and mostly a stage build, the dark, sensuous spin on the 700 year old classic tale is set to debut in March, 2011 and sure to peak the interest of many movie going fans.
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