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Job seeker called 'bitch' in email from potential employer

By Laura Trowbridge     Nov 18, 2010 in Business
Jobs are hard to come by, especially in Michigan, but one woman spoke out against an unnecessary humiliation she went through with a potential employer belittling her and calling her a nasty name.
David Otto, president of Administrative Employer Services in Sterling Heights, an "offsite human resource management company," was searching for potential employees for many job openings his expanding company has.
He found Tiffany Sinclair's resume on the Michigan Talent Bank site.
Otto told My Fox Detroit: "I saw a glaring misspelling on a resume of an individual who claims to be a human resource management professional. I shot a one line response to the individual. I said you might want to check your resume or something to that effect. There's a misspelling."
After some back and forth emails, Tiffany Sinclair said she got fed up and frustrated, so she sent Otto an email saying, "Thank you for that information. It was the city to be more exact as Middlebelt is one word. I most certainly appreciate your vague chain of e-mails. Unless you have an opportunity you'd like to present to me, please stop emailing me."
Sinclair told My Fox Detroit that she really didn't know who this Otto really was, and when she went to the company's website she saw no job openings listed.
Otto wrote an email in response to Sinclair's, saying, "Well, well. I do have several opportunities in human resources due to the fact that I've acquired several of my competitors. It is of no surprise why you're unemployed and your resume has misspellings. I'm confident it's representative of the shoddy work you put out. You come across as a spoiled, snotty little bi#ch, and I believe you probably needed to hear that for a long time."
Sinclair said after she read his email she was thinking "this man doesn't even know me. He's never met me. I'm just trying to understand how you got in contact with me, and why you think it's okay to say this to anybody.
"Dude, what type of organization are you running? That is like one of the worst things that you could call anybody."
Otto told My Fox: "Some people may say it's excessive. I speak from the heart. I was in the midst of going to have my director of human resources schedule an interview, then I get this slap in the face, if you will. At least that's how I perceived it."
Sinclair said she wishes now that she would have picked up the telephone to clear up the confusion, instead of communicating through email.
Otto said he was only trying to help, and he felt Sinclair was being rude and would not accept his guidance.
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