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article imageOp-Ed: Boxing James “Lights Out” Toney Ducked By the Best of Them

By William Charles Baker     Nov 17, 2010 in Sports
So we now have the new title of the one that was ducked the most by the rest of boxing and that title goes to James “Lights Out” Toney
The time has come to end the speculation about great fighters with a new title. There is now pound for pound that leads the headlines. Little guys running around fighting each other for multiple titles and the boxing empire endorses such crap for the money. Then there are your slick promoters and former champions that now pose as celebrities to steer their fighters past the best into the rest where the money is easier to make. No BS, the record speaks for itself. Few guys that went to war and fought everybody ever got the recognition because the best would not fight them. So we now have the new title of the one that was ducked the most by the rest of boxing and that title goes to James “Lights Out” Toney.
We are not talking about guys that stayed in one weight class an entire career and nobody would fight them. A unique distinction but lacks the range to be feared by guys up and down the weight classes. Say from middleweight to super middleweight and upwards to heavyweight. Manny Pacquiao now comes close with his range across the lighter weight classes but once up in weight he doesn’t go down. In the old tradition James Toney moves to fight whoever wants to fight. They ducked him because he gave the old boxing tradition a standard bearer the John L. Sullivan’s that rolled up their sleeves and offered to fight the whole house. Not the most pleasant of guys to listen to one of his interviews when he professes to call out the boxing establishment and offer a few phrases that question the gender of guys that have ducked him. But this is not golf or tennis or guys running around a track this is boxing and fighters are in it to hurt their opponents in the ring or before if they can bring the fear. They feared him and James Toney knew that so even before the fight was fought the fight was won.
Ultimate Fighting Championships the other sport that has garnered so much attention is exciting and brutal in its own way but boxing is what we grew up with. Guys that if you made a bet your paycheck was safe because you knew they had the capacity to reach back and pull off an upset. Knock a guy out in the last round. You became suspicious of the game when these guys suddenly couldn’t get fights. When they came under the scrutiny of the boxing investigators and had to do other things to make a living. Nobody wanted to fight them and promoters that had money in the game weren’t going to let you fight James Toney because you would lose. UFC or world title or street fight watch out “Lights Out” is in the house.
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