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article imageOp-Ed: Congressman Pacquiao vs CEO Mayweather

By William Charles Baker     Nov 15, 2010 in Sports
One thing is for certain when the boxers Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr. finally meet in the ring. It will not be a deciding vote or corporate decision that sends the other one to an alternate destiny.
For Congressman Manny Pacquiao the recent election in the Philippines has now moved the eight time world champion boxer into a political career as well as the boxing arena. His second attempt at politics after an earlier defeat would seem to prove that he learns from his mistakes. Known as the people’s champion he has shown a desire to help the people of his district and his Country. Many live in poverty or substandard accommodations with little hope for improvement. The altruistic fighter seems to need a varied amount of activities to satisfy his desire to give back to those around him. Traveling with a large contingent of friends for his fights his singing and acting falls short of his boxing ability. As a recently elected Congressman he may be aiming at a higher political office or the presidency of the Philippines. With Manny Pacquiao you never know what he has in store for his fans. Most of who probably have no interest in his political career. Except the final vote he will have to cast as to who is the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world.
For CEO Floyd Mayweather Jr his recent defeat of Sugar Shane Mosley is simply another jewel in his crown as the still undefeated uncertain pound for pound champion of the world. The uncertainty on the part of Pacquiao fans who would diminish Mayweather and his achievements. Swaggering Las Vegas braggart and rapper and gambler and all around promoter who many feel should be more humble. More like Pacquiao more interested in worldly things and helping somebody else. They want to see gratitude but fail to realize that Mayweather does believe in charity and does many things to help the needy. Find the old episodes of 24/7 and realize that every act does not have to be public as any CEO of a major corporation would tell you. Floyd makes the money. Floyd supports a lot of people with his earnings and for that and his penchant for mansions and expensive cars he had better be a great CEO. Now he must make his last decision as CEO and beat Manny Pacquiao to solidify not only his legacy but his corporation and his employees.
Two gifted men from opposite places and opposite cultures who have risen to the top in a brutal and unforgiving sport to the pinnacle of success and near greatness. Their destinies now tied together more so by their alter egos than their skills in the ring. Both of them having to shoulder the expectations of a lot of people who will be disappointed if either one of their heroes were to fail them. For Pacquiao his political career now made possible by his ring popularity and achievements may fade should he lose to Mayweather but he will have achieved more in a lifetime than required. For Mayweather who always felt he would make money even if not in boxing he has the millions and a future in the music business if he should lose to Pacquiao. One thing is for certain when they finally meet in the ring. It will not be a deciding vote or corporate decision that sends the other one to an alternate destiny.
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