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article imageSausage Pancake Bites from Dunkin Donuts are 'meat munchkins'

By Laura Trowbridge     Nov 11, 2010 in Food
Dunkin Donuts launched a new breakfast food last week for a limited time only as a market test item. The Sausage Pancake Bites are a quick breakfast on the go.
The Investor Place reported that Dunkin Donuts "has been on the defensive" since restaurants like McDonald's, Starbucks and Burger King have been trying to entice customers away from the Dunkin Donut brand of beverage.
Now Dunkin Donuts is trying out a new item to fight back with against the fast food giants' morning breakfast snacks. The Sausage Pancake Bites are "a poppable breakfast snack that makes it easy for anyone to savor the delicious pairing of pancakes and sausages any time of day."
Dunkin’ Brands’ Executive Chef Stan Frankenthaler said: “Everyone loves a traditional pancake and sausage breakfast, but in our typical busy day it’s almost impossible to find the time it takes to sit down and enjoy it. With our new Pancake Bites, we’ve put the traditional taste of pancakes and sausage into a portable, poppable snack that you can take with you on the go, in the car, at work or any time day or night."
Earlier this week, some staff of NPR reviewed the Dunkin Donuts Pancake Bites for their "Sandwich Mondays" blog. They called the bite-sized sausage wrapped in a maple flavored pancake a "spherical McGriddle", a "tiny breakfast corndog," a "breakfast pellet," and a "meat munchkin."
NPR's Mike asked of the strange looking breakfast item, "Did we steal these from a nest? What bird laid that egg?"
Ian answered, "Pretty sure that's the egg that comes out of a fried chicken."
After dissecting the sausage out from the pancake, Mike said, "That looks less like a sausage and more like what gets mailed to you after someone kidnaps Jimmy Dean."
NPR's verdict was "admittedly delicious, but not in a way you feel good about morally or physically. Serving size: 3 breakfast pellets, and that's too many."
Participating Dunkin Donuts are selling the Sausage Pancake Bites in a serving size of three for $1.59 or a two serving size of six for $3.
Slashfood reported that the one serving size of three Bites has 300 calories with 20 grams of fat and 550 mg of sodium.
Slashfood also reviewed the Bites, saying that the "pancake portion of the "bite" was pleasant -- it resembles sweet cornbread more than a traditional pancake.The sausage was our favorite part -- unlike the usual breakfast sausage found at fast food establishments, this sausage has herbs and spices you can actually taste; and the sausage doesn't overwhelm the pancake with grease."
One Slashfood tester said: "If I had to choose between other fast-food breakfast sandwiches and these bites, I would choose these."
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