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article imageRussian artist gets shocked when 100 Internet users vote for it

By Sara Star     Nov 9, 2010 in Entertainment
Oleg Mavromatti is fighting for freedom, in his own way. Every time 100 people on the Internet vote for him to receive a massive electric shock, he gets a strong zap. He says he'll do this for a week, or until he is hospitalized.
“This is a test of how society interprets freedom.” Oleg says.
The shock treatment is symbolic for what he calls the “oppression of artists”, especially by religious minorities. But religious groups claim he is pitting art against God.
Mavromatti also had himself crucified, live on film. A decade ago, he produced and starred in a film "I am not the Son of God." which was also inscribed onto his back. He was sued by a Russian Orthodox organization for inciting religious hatred, which is when he fled the country and is now living in Bulgaria.
“Our society is not tolerant. And these aggressive religious groups seek out things to be offended about. I do not agree with his method, but I support Oleg,” says art curator Iosif Backshtein.
Margarita Zakiyan told Russia Today, “This act is very outrageous, but at the same time this is an expression of the person. If it does not infringe on the rights of other people, if it does not motivate other people to do the same, than this is the expression of this particular person – it is outrageous, but he is free to do that,” she told RT.
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