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article imageOp-Ed: Republicans Must Embrace The Tea Party

By David Zublick     Nov 7, 2010 in Politics
The victory that the Republican Party achieved on November 2nd must be tempered with the realization that it was not a mandate, but rather a term of probation, with an electronic tether around its ankle.
Voters who were repudiating the Obama agenda simply gave the GOP an opportunity, perhaps one last chance, to turn the country back in the proper direction. Fiscal responsibility, keeping the Bush tax cuts in place for all income levels, and the repeal of Obamacare are front and center on the minds of most Americans. They want things done, and they expect this freshman class of Republicans to take decisive action.
Make no mistake about it: this will not be an easy task given the fact that that last Tuesday's election did not result in the taking back of the Senate. And while Democrats still control the upper chamber, it will be a long, uphill battle to achieve the lofty goals that got Republicans elected to the House.
It is possible that for the next two years leading up the 2012 elections, not much may be accomplished. We may witness nothing more than political gridlock.
That may not be all bad, however. If the GOP can prevent further damage from being done to the country, then we have a chance at making real progress two years from now.
The biggest obstacle to holding Obama and the Senate Democrats at bay, however, may be the tension that has become obvious between the tea party candidates that were elected, and the establishment Republicans who feel their turf has been invaded. The moderates who prefer to compromise and reach across the aisle, are the reason that we lost both houses of congress in 2006. It was not, as some had said, that conservatism had been defeated. It was Republicanism that was soundly rejected.
In the ensuing fours years that followed, Democrats, now co-opted by the far left, took the country on the path toward socialism. With the election of Barack Obama as president, they were for a time virtually unstoppable.
Then something happened.
America woke up. This nation that has embraced a man who promised to fundamentally transform the nation, now full understood what that meant. And they balked. When they did, a new movement was created called the tea party. This movement despised big government, the redistribution of wealth, higher taxes and fiscal irresponsibility. And they found some fine men and women who embraced the philosophy of the tea party. and got them elected.
But the good old boys in the GOP are none too happy with this new crop of true conservatives who want to return the country to what the founding fathers intended. And if these RINOs push back on the tea party instead of embracing them, it may be difficult to begin rolling back the Obama agenda.
It is imperative that establishment Republicans adopt the tea party and fully support its goals. They must accept the ideas of this new group of public servants who have as their ultimate goal the return of our nation to its people.
If not, they too will find themselves unemployed in a couple of years. The tea party is not going away. It is a permanent force to be reckoned with. The GOP had better get on board the tea party express, or get off the tracks on the path to where that express is headed.
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