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article imageTrain full of nuclear waste held up by protesters in Germany

By Sara Star     Nov 7, 2010 in Environment
Dannenberg - This week as American company Entergy faces closure of its nuclear power plant, with no funds to decommission it, European demonstrators are vehemently protesting the dumping of nuclear waste in Germany.
Telegraph reports that 135 tons of nuclear waste left France by train on Friday, scheduled to reach Gorleben in West Germany at midday today, and then transported by vehicle to a storage facility. But the train was stopped 35 miles short of its destination when protesters chained themselves to the rails. A police armoured car was torched, with 17,000 police officers standing guard at a cost of £50 million. Each day, the price tag climbs higher..
Originally shipped to France, the now spent radioactive fuel rods are being returned. Germany must accept it back, now that it has been cooled and fused inside blocks of glass.
Tear gas, baton charges, horses, water cannon, pepper spray and human brute force have not deterred the waves of protesters and even farmers are using their tractors to block the road. They believe the transport containers and storage units are unsafe.
According to Top News in Law:
Organisers expect up to 40,000 anti-nuclear protesters over the course of the weekend, which would make it the country's largest ever demonstration against the so-called Castor (cask for storage and transport of radioactive material) transports.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's poll ratings are at a historic low, and head of the Green Party, Claudia Roth took this opportunity to show solidarity with the protesters, as she participated in a sit-down protest on the road to Gorleben. Merkel’s renewed commitment to nuclear power is expected to drive the ratings even lower.
The majority of people in Germany are opposed to the new policy, proud to be known as the greenest country in Europe.
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