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Ten Seats in Play - Ohioans to Decide

By Christopher Wager     Nov 2, 2010 in Politics
Ohio once again becomes a political battlefield with so much at stake incumbents and challengers are fighting for every vote.
On Tuesday, November 2nd candidates battle all across Ohio hoping to pick up a few last votes with only one of two objectives on their minds. Hold on to their seats with the permission of the Ohio voter or dislodge the incumbent with the permission of the Ohio voter.
Republican challengers hoping to cash in on the anti-Democratic sentiment sweeping across America hammer the point, as if not so long ago many of the same Republican's found themselves in the same position when voters petitioned for change from what they felt were more failed policies from the R's. Although some Democratic candidates fueled the fire by refusing the endorsement from the head of their party further dividing party lines in a time when the Democrats can least afford to be doing their own thing. Others such as Governor Ted Strickland, who is no stranger to a good old fashioned dog fight, has embraced The President's endorsement along with endorsements from other Democratic party rock stars such as former President Bill Clinton. Governor Strickland's opponent Republican John Kasich has spared no expense over the past few weeks making full use of the internet as the vessel for their unyielding smear campaign. However the governor has stood strong in his conviction and his belief in the Democratic party and what it stands for regardless of how unpopular that position has become. It is worth mentioning, Strickland in an effort to promote more bi-partisan cooperation launched a movement called Republicans for Strickland. This gained him the support of 130 Republicans who took the governor's message back to their communities.
Among other candidates doing battle in Ohio is Republican challenger Craig Newbold vs Linda Bolon (R), Rob Portman vs. Lee Fisher, Dennis Kucinich (D) vs. Peter Corrigan, Betty Sutton (D) vs. Tom Ganley and Charlie Wilson (D) vs. Bill Johnson. According to early polling most of these races are too close to call. To further testify to the evils of early voting many people believe the election to be already over. This prediction is not completely accurate according to the last Gallup poll which puts 66 percent of the age demographics of 50 to 64 year olds are waiting until Election Day to cast their ballot leaving the final counts wide open.
The inescapable truth for all candidates running today is Ohio has some serious problems. With unemployment standing at 10 percent, Cleveland ranked the poorest city in America according to information provided by The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and population decline due to Ohioans forced to look elsewhere for work. Newly elected officials (Republican or Democrat) will most likely be given one chance to prove they have what it takes to restore confidence in Ohio.
It's fair to say as President Obama stumped for candidates he also stumped for himself because anyone running for The White House needs Ohio. The outcome of today's election will have a far reaching impact on future political events having one's own party in key state seats would make re-election obtainable without mentioning the impact redistricting will have on both parties.
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