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article imageStudy: Asteroid impact could force humans to live like vampires

By Andrew Moran     Oct 30, 2010 in Science
Phoenix - If an asteroid collided with one of planet Earth’s many oceans, it could cause massive destruction and wipe out half of the ozone layer. The result? Humans could live like vampires by staying indoors during daylight hours.
According to folkloric mythology, vampires cannot appear outdoors during the day because their skin would burn (though in original tales, this was untrue). A new study suggests that humans could live vampire-like lifestyles if an asteroid collided with Earth.
Throughout 2010, scientists and members of the international community have finally sat down and discussed the impacts of an asteroid collision and what can be done to postpone the inevitable destruction of our planet from a solar threat.
A study by the Planetary Science Institute in the state of Arizona shows that if an asteroid was to hit one of the planet’s oceans, a devastating chemical sequence would destroy half of the ozone layer, reports Space Live Science. Therefore, the loss of protection against the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation would force mankind to become vampires by staying indoors during daylight hours.
“An asteroid impact in the ocean is always dismissed as being a danger for coastal sites, but not much else has been discussed about it,” said senior scientist at the institute, Elisabetta Pierazzo. “I was looking at the asteroid hazard from climatic effects.”
Simulation models highlight the results of ozone destruction. The models note that elements such as bromide and chloride detached from water vapor would cause ultimate annihilation of our ozone layer, which provides protection from “mutation-causing UV rays.”
Where would humans prefer an asteroid strike? Collision on land or on water?
More than 70 percent of the Earth is covered in water, which gives an asteroid a greater chance of striking. However, researchers say if an asteroid hit land then it would give us a nuclear winter – similar to what would occur after a nuclear war, which can also cause a massive hole in the ozone layer.
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