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article imageStudy: Taller men have higher risk for testicular cancer

By Amanda Tennis     Oct 27, 2010 in Health
According to a new study led by researchers in the U.S, taller men have a higher risk for developing testicular cancer. Researchers also said that family history carry more cancer risks than a man's height.
According to researchers in the United States, the taller the man, the higher risk he has for testicular cancer. Researchers looked at the data of more than 10,000 men and discovered that for every extra two inches in height above average (over 5 ft 9in), the risk for developing testicular cancer rose 13 percent.
Despite the increase for risk of developing testicular cancer, the lifetime risk of developing cancer is only 1 in 210 in men in the UK.
According to BBC,
The data the US team analysed came from 13 different studies investigating testicular cancer.
All of these studies, spanning the last decade, included both figures on the cancer's incidence and height records of the men involved.
They found no link between body weight and the cancer but a trend emerged with height, with taller men at increased risk of testicular cancer.
Researchers at the National Cancer Institute do not understand how the risk could raise depending on the height of the man. The researchers state that family history carry more risks than a man's height.
There are only 2,000 new cases of testicular cancer diagnosed each year and that accounts for only around one percent of male cancer cases.
Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Research UK, said: "Tall men should not be alarmed by this research since fewer than four in 100 testicular lumps are actually cancerous. The outlook for testicular cancer is also one of the best for all cancers - even after the disease has spread, patients can be cured."
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