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article imageMan spots 'time traveller' in Charlie Chaplin film

By Lynn Curwin     Oct 27, 2010 in Entertainment
A man in Ireland has spotted something which he suggests might be a time traveller in the footage included with the DVD release of Charlie Chaplin's 1928 film, The Circus.
Since spotting what appears to be a person on a mobile phone in the footage, Belfast resident George Clarke has posted a video on YouTube, which has now been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.
The scene, which is found in the extras menu in Documents, under The Hollywood Premiere, shows a person with a dark hat holding their left hand to their ear as they walk through a scene. The fingers are curved around something and the person is talking.
Clarke said he kept winding the scene back and couldn’t explain what he saw.
"I pretty much want to get this out there to let people try and give me an idea because right now the only conclusion I can come to - which sounds absolutely ridiculous I'm sure, to some people - is it's a time traveller," he says.
"When you're looking at a bit of footage from 1928 with an old woman … on a mobile phone, it's kind of strange. You can't explain it."
He said some people do not think the person in question is a woman, but is a man in drag. When the person turns and faces the camera, he or she continues talking.
The footage is not part of the movie, but is of people outside the theatre in 1928.
People have made suggestions about what is seen. Some said maybe the person was holding a hearing aid, but that didn’t explain why they were talking.
Others thought perhaps the person was mentally ill and was talking to an object such as a seashell.
One suggestion was that the studio which released the DVDs digitally added the figure.
Many people pointed out that there were no satellites or phone towers in 1928, but others said those who could travel through time could probably circumvent that problem.
One person simply said that the mysterious character must be Doctor Who.
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