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article imageGalaxy UDFy-38135539: Universe's most senior citizen discovered

By Andrew Moran     Oct 20, 2010 in Science
Paris - The Hubble Space Telescope has discovered the oldest object in the universe: Galaxy UDFy-38135539, which is approximately 600 million years old. However, scientists are already discussing the likelihood of discovering an object older than that.
Digital Journal reported on Tuesday that a team of astrophysicists projected the end of the universe to occur in 3.7 billion years. On Wednesday, the Hubble Space Telescope looked into the distant past and found the oldest object to date.
According to Space, the Hubble Space Telescope found a galaxy called UDFy-38135539 and it is now officially most senior citizen in the universe. The galaxy’s light took about 13 billion light-years to get here.
Head researcher, Matthew Lehnart, said that the team’s measurements of the galaxy have verified that the galaxy formed 600 million years within the universe’s creation. Previous theoretical models put the number at 200 million years.
However, scientists are already stating that the record won’t be held for long because of the many possibilities in the universe. The title for the oldest object in space was held by a gamma ray burst, which was discovered last year. The oldest galaxy known as of this week was IOK-1 whose light took 12.88 billion years to reach here.
Nevertheless, Lehnart believes it will become much more difficult to discover these bodies because the light is so faint and gases and stars do not present themselves in the easiest manner: “UDFy-38135539 was already a challenge and perhaps we won't be able to do much better than it for a while yet,” said Lehnart, reports Discovery News.
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