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article image'I love boobies' bracelets banned at schools

By Kim I. Hartman     Oct 18, 2010 in World
Hoping to raise awareness about breast cancer, groups of students from around the country began wearing bracelets that say "I Love Boobies", similar to Lance Armstrong's Livestrong bracelets that benefit cancer research. Then the schools got involved.
Even though these accessories promote an important cause, school officials around the United States are saying no-way to wearing them during class time. The reason? Their dress codes contains clauses that state "any jewelry or clothing that contains any sexually suggestive language or picture" is not allowed or similar wording.
The American Cancer Society supports the students say reports on the national nightly news.
Charaign Sesock, a spokeswoman for the organization, explained by saying, "This campaign is targeting teen years and college ages so that they can empower themselves to be advocates for their own bodies. If you can start raising awareness early on, it will only benefit them as they grow older."
The Keep A Breast Foundation is a Carlsbad  California non-profit organization that uses art and edu...
The Keep A Breast Foundation is a Carlsbad, California non-profit organization that uses art and educational programs to raise awareness of methods of prevention and early detection of breast cancer.
Keep a Breast Foundation
One California school in the Fresno Unified district said they also banned them and took them away from about 30 students, then they re-thought the ban and later decided to return them and allowed students to have them on during school hours hoping to encourage discussion and true activism among the kids.
Some of the students are buying the "I Love Boobies" bracelets just for the fun of wearing them, especially boys who aren't mature enough to have even a hint of facial hair. They giggle and laugh thinking it is cool to have them and be wearing them since it has the word boobies on them. They have no interest in breast cancer awareness, they are motivated by the sexual innuendo.
The Keep a Breast Foundation has already raised thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society from the sales of the series of one-inch wide silicone rubber bracelets emblazoned with the slogan "I ♥ Boobies! (Keep A Breast)" to raise money. The campaign was designed as an awareness-raising tool, allowing young people to feel comfortable talking about a subject that is scary and taboo by making it positive and upbeat says Wikipedia.
"Even if they are taking it as a joke, it's starting a conversation. To pretend or push away an issue doesn't make it go away," said one California activist and store owner who sells the bracelets and other gear for the non-profit, Keep a Breast Foundation, and posted a comment on their Facebook page.
While some see them as harmless others are asking what if a non-profit that supports research from testicular cancer came out with bracelets that said I love penis's. Would they still think it was a harmless joke?
Or worse yet, what if it was a non-profit that supported....
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