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article imageOp-Ed: When Government hangs you out to dry, it's time to nullify

By Bill Lindner     Oct 7, 2010 in Politics
A national tour educating people on using state nullification to reign in an out-of-control Federal government has been launched in major cities. The idea has huge potential, but you won't hear much about it in the establishment media
The idea of using nullification, a doctrine used by many states to proclaim federal laws as void or inoperative because they are deemed illegal or unconstitutional -- such as the 2005 Real ID Act that twenty-five states have blocked -- is growing, despite being ignored by establishment media.
Derived from the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 doctrine authored by Thomas Jefferson, Nullification theorizes that the Constitution is a concordat among states where limited powers were delegated to the Federal government. Theoretically, powers assumed by the Federal government, not delegated to it by the states, automatically become void. The Kentucky Resolutions used the Tenth Amendment as justification for constricting the federal Government's powers.
Since the 'terrorist' attacks of 9/11, the Federal government has passed egregious, often illegal or unconstitutional 'legislation' aimed at destroying civil rights and liberties of the American people and Democracy. The PATRIOT Act -- written years before it was shoved down the public's collective throats -- is one of the most draconian pieces of unconstitutional 'legislation' egregiously enacted by Congress after being heavily coerced by the G.W. Bush administration.
The Tenth Amendment Center calls nullification the Jeffersonian brake on Government, noting that the tenth amendment makes clear that any power not granted to the Federal government resides in the states. We've witnessed numerous illegal power grabs by the Federal government over this past decade. Some of those made by G.W. Bush's administration have been furthered by the Obama administration.
In 1798, according to the Tenth Amendment Center, Jefferson believed he had identified a mechanism to keep the Federal government's powers limited: nullification. To Jefferson, the Tenth Amendment was the foundation of the entire Constitution. More in depth information on Jefferson's brake on Government can be found in this article from the Tenth Amendment Center.
The Constitution can't defend itself
Thomas Jefferson spoke of the calamity that would result should all power be vested in the Federal government. As we've repeatedly seen this past decade, the checks and balances put in place by the Constitution -- which, after all, is only a piece of paper incapable of enforcing itself -- are useless when the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal government are overrun with corruption, and have repeatedly proved ineffective.
The Tenth Amendment Center, coupled with and hordes of other local and national co-sponsors have launched a tour of major cities aimed at educating people and forcing state nullification into the political spectrum. The idea of rolling back the Federal government and their policies has huge potential.
Information manipulation -- similar to the current political ads running during the current election cycle that are filled with lie after lie presented as fact to purposely slander an opponent -- has replaced relevant News, and Government crimes get swept under the rug or dismissed. An informed public is a threat to the Government. Unfortunately, much of the once-coveted 'mainstream media' has aided and abetted the Government in trying to keep their illegal actions quiet while pushing political agendas.
As the public grows more informed about what is really happening with their government and the corruption becomes more evident, more people will get involved. Reading mainstream news or watching mainstream TV for the most part, leaves the public uninformed.
More people are becoming informed, and more people are getting angry about the culture of corruption in Washington. It's time for a new system to replace our broken two-party system and it's time to vote the criminals in Washington out of -- or remove from where applicable -- office and restore the rule of law. Accountability is long overdue.
Media remains silent as Nullification movement grows
The media was once the watchdog of the people, but since the government made it easier for media moguls to own all the media outlets they want despite the obvious conflicts of interest, the public has suffered and that all changed. Now, the vast majority of establishment media serves as the ministers of propaganda, feeding the public whatever is needed to further the needs of a select few while omitting the pertinent information the public needs to know. Consequently, the U.S. public has been criminally led to near oblivion. There has been little if any mention of the growing nullification movement in the establishment media.
Establishment media's News is selectively censored. More than 90 percent of establishment media is owned corporations who have a vested interest in our politicians. The individuals who own these corporations have questionable motives and loyalties to the corrupt leaders of the one country whose control of the U.S. Government has helped destroy it. For years, the CIA has also been pivotal in controlling the flow of information to the public through the media. Carl Bernstein wrote about the CIA's involvement in and manipulation of the media decades ago. Some things never change.
The intentional misinformation from establishment media has become more noticeable this past decade as it has increasingly aided and abetted the criminal factions in Government that have pushed their corrupted agendas for several decades. Americans have been kept in the dark about important things they need to know about.
When your Government hangs you out to dry, it's time to nullify
Establishment media's despicable acts of withholding the truth and pertinent information from the public about 9/11, the rampant financial fraud, Hurricane Katrina, the political crimes committed by the G.W. Bush administration that led to two illegal wars in the Middle East, and most recently, the BP oil spill, have led to its downfall. The public is awakening to the fact that they have been purposely deceived and they've had more than enough. The public needs to awaken to the fact that many of the 'laws' passed by Congress are actually written by lobbyists, which own a great portion of the U.S. Congress. It's easy to see why there is so much distrust in U.S. media.
As noted by Lawrence Rice in a letter to the editor, mainstream media and the various propaganda pushers used by the Federal government are doing their best to ignore the nullification doctrine and make it go away. Despite their best attempts, it's not going any where.
The only way to stop what is happening is for the public to get more involved and hold their government accountable. It's long past time to change the two-party system we have in place, since for all intents and purposes, Democrats and Republican are virtually the same, and both parties sold out Americans to corporations long ago. It's time for the public to get involved, and it's imperative to vote. More information on the growing nullification movement can be found from Nullify now. Our Government and their corporate masters are hanging us out to dry. It's time to nullify.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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