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article imageRoger Waters accused of being anti-semitic, says it's not true

By R. C. Camphausen     Oct 4, 2010 in Politics
The US-based Jewish ADL (Anti-Defamation League) has accused rock star Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) of anti-semitism, citing his use of the Star of David hexagram and the dollar symbol in his latest 2010/2011 production of 'The Wall.'
Abraham Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), has said that using dollar signs and the Star of David in an animation that accompanies the song Good Bye Blue Sky echoes the old stereotype that Jews are avaricious.
In the Israeli paper Haaretz, a s well as on the ADL's website, one van read that Mr Foxman expressed the opinion that Roger Waters should have "chosen some other way to convey his political views without playing into and dredging up the worst age-old anti-Semitic stereotype about Jews and their supposed obsession with making money".
What both ADL and Haaretz do not mention, is that the animation in question shows much more than the Star of David and the Dollar symbol alone. While the above video does not clearly show all of the signs and symbols that are being dropped -- like bombs -- from the airplanes crossing the allegedly blue sky, an article in the Independent, devoted to Roger Waters' defense, lists them for the discriminating reader.
There's the hexagram shape regarded by some as the Star of David as well as the three-pronged star that's the Mercedes logo. There is the shell used by oil-company Shell as well as the communist Hammer and Sickle. Last not least, the bombers also drop the crucifix (Christianity) and the Crescent and Star (Islam). This list of symbols is corroborated by the New York Post.
This combination of symbols -- business, money, religions and ideologies -- says Roger Waters, is a "... point I am trying to make in the song ... that the bombardment we are all subject to by conflicting religious, political, and economic ideologies only encourages us to turn against one another, and I mourn the concomitant loss of life."
The ADL of course, that much should be known to every alert reader of the news, has a problem with Waters ever since he used a tour of Israel in 2009 to criticise Israel's controversial barrier (or wall) surrounding the West Bank, calling it an “awful thing” that amounts to a land grab.
Waters has also spoken out on other occasions against Israeli policies, and he's previously accused the ADL of painting every critic of Israeli politics, of settlements and occupation as anti-Semitic.
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