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article imageNudity does not harm children, expert says at Coldin trial

By KJ Mullins     Sep 30, 2010 in Crime
Children who are exposed to nudity do not suffer psychological harm, said Dr. Ronal Langevin testifying on the third day of the Coldin trial. Brian Coldin has been charged with several counts of nudity in Bracebridge.
An Ontario nudist is on trial for exposing children and adults to his "private' parts" in Bracebridge, Ontario, three hours north of Toronto.
Dr. Langevin has studied sexual offenders and their victims for over four decades. To prep for the Coldin trial he reviewed 195 studies and his own database of over 3,000 offenders. Under oath Langevin testified that while people who see nudity unexpectedly might experience shock, embarrassment and even be offended, there is no evidence that they would suffer any permanent psychological harm.
Langevin stated that "nudity is generally well accepted in society as evidenced by media, nude beaches, and the gay pride parade."
Langevin did stress that there was a difference between nudism/naturism and exhibitionism. In exhibitionism sexual arousal is the key to a sexual disorder. Research has shown that naturists/nudists are not motivated by sexuality. It was pointed out that he had dealt with two genital exhibitionists who tried nudism and did not enjoy the experience adding that in cases of simple genital exhibitionism there was no evidence of psychological harm to the victims.
Karen Grant, President of the Federation of Canadian Naturists, declared the organizations' support for decriminalizing mere nudity. "It is ridiculous that the simple exposure of our natural body could result in a criminal charge" said Ms. Grant. "Casual nudity should not be in the same league as theft, robbery, assault and murder."
Stephane Deschenes, the owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, who testified on the second day of the trial as an expert witness in naturism, added that "the public should not be concerned with the decriminalization of casual nudity. It's been nearly 15 years since Gwen Jacobs was acquitted by the Ontario Court of Appeal for walking top-free in Guelph thereby decriminalizing the exposure of women's breasts. Yet we still rarely see top-free women anywhere today."
Brian Coldin is on trial after being charged with several counts of nudity. He has testified that he did not go through any drive-thoughs while nude but admits that he has walked in the parkland that is beside his home wearing only sandals. . His lawyer, Clayton Ruby, is planning a constitutional challenge to section 174 which criminalizes mere nudity. (section 173 deals with indecent acts)
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