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article imageFormer US airmen claim UFOs were 'messing' with nuclear weapons

By Stephanie Dearing     Sep 27, 2010 in Science
Washington - The men look like grandfathers, but instead of chuckling jovially as they tease young ones by telling tall tales, these men were deadly serious about the wild stories they were sharing at a press conference Monday.
The belief the former USAF airmen clung to was obvious during their press conference, which began at 12:30 pm Monday. But what these men believe in has many shaking their heads in bewilderment. Stars and Stripes reported press conference co-organizer Robert Hastings as stating “I believe – these gentlemen believe – that this planet is being visited by beings from another world, who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race which began at the end of World War II."
According to WALB 10 News, Hastings said he thought extraterrestrials were trying to send an important message to world powers about nuclear weapons. "Regarding the missile shut-down incidents, my opinion, their opinion, is that whoever are aboard this craft are sending a signal to both Washington and Moscow, among others, that we are playing with fire."
There is no question that nuclear weapons present the human race with a dilemma that is only surpassed by the use of nuclear power plants. But the question is, if non-earth life forms could travel to our planet, would they be satisfied with only temporarily disabling some of our weapons of mass destruction as they made fly-by-night fleeting visits?
Whether the audience believes the men or not, the news made a major splash in Great Britain, reported The Telegraph. One former USAF airman, Charles Halt, had spoken during the press conference about witnessing what he believed was a visit by UFOs at a UK military base in Suffolk, England. That famous incident is also known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident.
In 2003, a BBC program investigated the Rendlesham episode and said most of the incident was a hoax, and that basically USAF former airman, Halt had been punked.
The Great Falls Tribune reported that the purpose of the press conference was to have the US and UK governments to publicly acknowledge that visits by extraterrestrials have occurred and continue to occur. The airmen allege the governments are well aware of the nature of the extraterrestrial visits, but is covering up the evidence. Hastings said "... the American people have a right to know the facts. This is a national security issue, but it is (also) a need-to-know issue, a right-to-know issue. Citizens in every country on Earth should be let be in on this secret.”
The United States, like other governments such as Canada and the United Kingdom, had investigated reported unidentified flying objects for some 20 years. The investigations were called "Project Blue Book," and the archived materials are now available to the public. Almost all of the thousands of sightings were explained, but just over 700 incidents have never been fully explained.
Blogging for the Telegraph, Tom Chivers wrote "The story that senior US military personnel claim aliens have landed on British nuclear bases and tampered with the weapons is genuinely scary.
Not, I hasten to add, because there is even the smallest likelihood that they are correct. But because it means that serious people with access to even more serious weaponry have been seeing ET."
Whether UFOs are real or not, author Michael Hall said sightings "... are a very real part of our history."
The former airmen also brought with them declassified documents reported the Daily Mail. The men claim the documents back up their stories about alien aircraft hovering over nuclear weapons facilities, and shutting down nuclear weapons.
CNN broadcast the press conference on Monday, a portion of which is still available to the public.
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