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article imageVideo of Delta airplane making emergency landing at JFK

By Laura Trowbridge     Sep 27, 2010 in Travel
A Delta jetliner made an emergency landing at JFK International Airport in New York City on Saturday night after crew members noticed one of the plane's wheels was "jammed in the up position."
The plane was flying from Atlanta, Georgia to White Plains, New York when pilot Jack Conroyd, 55, made an emergency landing at JFK, safely landing the plane with 64 passengers and crew members on board. Only two of the three sets of landing gear were operational.
According to LiveLeak, the plane was also carrying 3,000 gallons of flammable fuel, making the rescue team on the ground very worried as sparks flew from the crippled righthand side of the plane as it was landing.
A passenger aboard Delta Flight 4951 shot the video of what happened as the plane made its emergency landing. Flight attendants repeatedly told passengers, "Heads down! Stay down!" Cheers erupted from the passengers after the plane came to a halt and no one was injured.
Passenger John Predham told NYDaily News the pilot was their own 'Capt. Sully.'
"I can't wait to see him receive all of the credit he deserves."
Captain 'Sully" Sullenberger, the US Airways hero pilot who became famous for saving the 155 lives on board when he landed his plane in the Hudson River last year, spoke to NYDaily News, giving his own praise for the efforts of Captain Conroyd and his crew: "I commend the crew for ensuring a successful outcome for everyone on board."
Passenger Loretta Hill said, "They told us the landing gear was not coming down. They told us we would come down and the right side of the plane would hit the ground. They told us everything.
"It was a lot smoother a landing then I expected."
Another passenger, David Freda, said: "We were coming down in what would have been a perfect three-point landing. We dropped down and then we were no longer level and I could see sparks and I could smell the smoke.
"All I'm thinking was that the wing was going to snap off and we were going to go into a death roll, but it was none of that. We didn't drag for very long - it only seemed like a few hundred feet, although it is probably more."
After all passengers had disembarked, they again cheered and applauded Captain Conroyd as he walked down the runway amongst them.
He told the grateful passengers: "Thank you all very much for your help. Thank you very much for staying calm. God bless you all."
Conroyd's wife Shelly said, "I am very grateful that he did what was right. It was a blessing from God that he was able to make a perfect landing in a difficult situation. That tells me I have a very special man."
The pilot's 84-year-old mother Hazel Conroyd said, "To me, he is a hero.
"He is a retired lieutenant commander from the Navy and he has been a commercial airline pilot for Delta and Atlantic Southeast for many years. He is a quite a guy and has a big, big heart."
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