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Force escalated in Kabul on Saturday

By KJ Mullins     Sep 26, 2010 in World
From stopping motorists who do not respond to orders to catching insurgents this weekend found Afghan and coalition security forces using force to achieve their goals.
On Saturday Afghan and coalition security forces detained several insurgents in Khost. One of those detained is a Haqqani remote-controlled improvised explosive device facilitator alleged to be responsible for the movement of weapons and IED making materials.
The forces targeted a compound in Naray Torah to search for the facilitator. Using a loudspeaker to call all occupants to exit the buildings Afghan forces then with the joint security force cleared and secured the compound reports the ISAF in a press release.
Without a single weapon fired the security force detained the facilitator and seized multiple automatic weapons and ammunition.
Also on Saturday the joint forces were in Paktika where a Taliban sub-commander and several insurgents were detained. The sub-commander had been allegedly involved in IED attacks in Mata Khan district.
Using the same tactics as in Naray Torah joint forces cleared and secured the compound without firing their weapons.
At a security perimeter in the Musa Qal'ah district of Helmand province two Afghan civilians were killed after failing to adhere to warnings to stop while approaching the checkpoint. The perimeter had been set up after a patrol had been attacked by small-arms fire.
The motorcycle is reported to have stopped briefly and then sped up in the direction of the security force at a high rate of speed. After several warnings by the security force to stop the two civilians were engaged with lethal force.
"Initial reports indicate coalition forces followed the appropriate escalation of force procedures. International Security Assistance Force service members follow strict rules in regards to escalation of force procedures and do not intentionally target civilians," stated the ISAF Joint Command in a press release.
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