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Google suing illegal online pharmacies

By Stephanie Medeiros     Sep 24, 2010 in Technology
Advertisements that promise illegal prescriptions for medication such as hydrocodone are now being sued by tech giant Google.
It has been an ongoing war between Google and the fraud online pharmacies, with their ads that can be prominently found in Google advertisements at the side of searches and other Google-owned sites. The technology company has relentlessly tried to block these ads from appearing and shutting down whoever may be advertising them, however, some of these drug pushers are still slipping by.
"We work very hard to make sure that ads shown on Google provide useful information for our users," they wrote in their official blog. "But sometimes we need to take actions against ads that violate our policies..." Google also mentioned the lawsuit they filed against the scam known as "Google Money," which promised people they would be able to work for Google, at home, and earn thousands of dollars each day.
The current "rogue pharmacies," as Google describes, allow pharmaceuticals to be sold without a prescription. This sort of practice is deemed highly unsafe, as it can lead to the wrong dosage or wrong prescription altogether. It is also illegal in the United States.
On top of it all, it can also confuse consumers into thinking that legitimate online pharmacies are also unsafe, which are licensed and require a prescription--an example is, though not a pharmacy, you must provide them a prescription in order to receive contacts.
With their ever growing market in various arenas, Google needs to keep a close eye on their image and that even means what kind of advertisements are shown adjunct to their search results. To end their blog post, Google added: "Rogue pharmacies are bad for our users, for legitimate online pharmacies and for the entire e-commerce industry—so we are going to keep investing time and money to stop these kinds of harmful practices."
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