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article imageBush to return his Heisman Trophy

By Michael Bearak     Sep 14, 2010 in Sports
One thing was made official today what people have wondered might happen since the NCAA levied its penalties on the University of Southern California. Reggie Bush announced he would return his Heisman Trophy.
Since the NCAA started its investigation into the University of Southern California's athletic program, and more specifically at benefits received by former basketball star OJ Mayo and football star Reggie Bush two things have seemed to be a constant. The first was that Bush denied repeatedly any wrong doing and second he never told his side of the story, not to the media and not the NCAA.
In June of this year after a four year investigation it was determined that Bush and his family received numerous improper benefits. When Pat Haden took over as the athletic director for USC, in July, the first thing he did was give back the university's replica of Bush's Heisman Trophy back.
The NCAA stepped in and announced the school would lose 30 scholarships over three years. They were also forced to vacate 14 victories from December 2004 through the 2005 season.
Bush has since been sued by a marketing agent, Lloyd Lake who was trying to recoup $300,000 worth of cash and gifts that had been given to Bush and his family. Even while all of that was happening Bush remained quiet, he didn't talk to investigators, he didn't talk to the media or anyone about what happened. Finally the case between Lake and Bush was settled, Bush never gave a deposition or anything.
The NCAA cited USC for a lack of institutional control in June. Bush sat quietly in New Orleans and watched but never spoke up to defend his alma-matter.
Tuesday, September 14, 2010 Bush finally made a statement saying, "While this decision is heart-breaking, I find solace in knowing that the award was made possible by the support and love of so many." He would be returning his trophy to the Heisman Trophy Trust, but that was it.
So for the first time the Heisman Trophy has been returned and the question now remains whether the 2005 trophy will remain vacant or if it will awarded to Vince Young, who played for Texas. Mack Brown, Young's former coach at Texas has started lobbying for his former quarterback, "My opinion would be; I would love for the Heisman Trust to look at a re-vote or give it to the second guy, which therefore would be Vince."
Young initially said that he wasn't interested in the award but Monday he told ESPN's Hannah Storm, "I definitely want it, I definitely want it. But he won it fair and square definitely, and it's much respect to Reggie, man. He had a great career and he's already won a Super Bowl before me. I'm already mad about that.."
The Heisman Trophy Trust president Bill Dockery issued a statement, "The Heisman Trophy Trust will issue a statement in due course. Until that time we have no further comment."
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