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article imageRCMP report on human trafficking shows sex trade heavily involved

By KJ Mullins     Sep 14, 2010 in Crime
For most that engage in human trafficking in Canada the sex trade is their vehicle of choice while being linked to other serious offences in Canada or abroad according to a report by the RCMP.
“This report highlights the Canadian law enforcement’s commitment to uncover, report and target trafficking activity and to making every effort to stem the flow of the trafficking of human beings,” states RCMP Commissioner William Elliott.
Project SECLUSION was prepared for the Immigration and Passport Branch to give an overview of human trafficking in an effort to identify the extent of organized crime involvement, transnational associations, source countries, as well as issues and challenges faced by law enforcement. The project is a baseline of activities that affect Canada.
At this time there are about 36 cases in front of Canadian courts in which offenders have been charged with human trafficking.
The report is the result of analysis of human trafficking investigations that took place between 2005 to 2009.
Convictions that stemmed from human trafficking most often involve victims that are citizens and/or permanent citizens of Canada that were trafficked in order for sexual exploitation. Most often these victims are forced to work in escort agencies or residential brothels. These establishments are difficult for police departments to detect without proactive investigations.
Most victims of human trafficking share the same ethnic background as those who are victimizing them.
False documents are often used by recruiters in foreign countries to get trafficked victims into Canada deceptively.
There are links with Eastern European countries for organized entry for women from former Soviet States to Canada to work as escort services within the Greater Toronto Area and the Montreal area. These groups have ties to convicted human traffickers in the Czech Republic, Germany, Belarus, and Israel.
Asian organized crime is involved in bawdy houses. Often a sex worker has entered into Canada legally and looked for sex work once inside Canada.
Some of those convicted of domestic human trafficking were known to law enforcement for their involvement of pimping and street gang involvement.
Some of domestic victims were recruited by the Internet. The victims are groomed, manipulated, and coerced to enter the sex trade.
By using social isolation, forcible confinement, withholding ID papers, strict rules, limitation of movement, threats and violence some domestic underage victims of domestic trafficking are controlled by their abusers.
Africans nationals are often trafficked outside of Canada before being brought into Canada for further exploitation.
Victims often believe that their family members will be harmed, both in Canada and overseas, if they do not comply with their abusers wishes. Some of the victims who are in the sex trade fear that their families will learn of their trade if they come forward.
It has been found that traffickers use illicit drug dependencies as a way to recruit and control sex trade workers.
The RCMP has established a Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre (HTNCC) within the Immigration and Passport Branch at Headquarters in Ottawa. The Centre works to protect victims and raise awareness of human trafficking with law enforcement, the government and the public. They work with domestic and international agencies to fight against the trafficking of humans.
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