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article imageSugar Beach, the latest addition to Toronto's shoreline

By Bart B. Van Bockstaele     Sep 13, 2010 in Travel
Toronto has recently started to make a lot of efforts to revitalise its harbourfront. The latest effort, Sugar Beach, is now accessible to the public. It is a modern creation, sweet as the name suggests, with a definite feminine touch.
Sugar Beach is the newest addition to the publicly accessible shoreline of Lake Ontario in Toronto. According to the City's promotional literature, it is a "whimsical" new park. It can be found at the foot of Lower Jarvis Street, along the east edge of the Jarvis Slip.
While Sugar Beach may seem a strange name, it is actually quite appropriate, since Redpath Sugar, a company that has played an important role in the development of the city, has had a refinery on the other side of the Jarvis Slip since the late 1950s.
The word sugar calls up images of sweetness and good living, and this theme was used as an inspiration for this small, triangular beach. It starts with the sand. It was especially selected for its tendency to stay were it is, to avoid it being blown away by the often strong winds along the shores of Lake Ontario. That gives it a feel that is not unlike that of the crystallized sugar used for making confections.
Large granite rocks are placed on the beach that have been adorned with candy-coloured stripes. To top it all off, 36 cotton-candy-pink umbrellas were placed on the beach, resulting in a feminine and friendly atmosphere.
Sugar beach is one of the more welcoming beaches of Toronto, since ample seating has been provided in the form of 150 heavy white-coloured Muskoka-style chairs.
The beach is further augmented with fountains, a plaza with benches and a row of trees.
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