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article imageEngland's 'most haunted house' up for sale

By Stephanie Dearing     Sep 10, 2010 in Lifestyle
Called Wymering House, the famous building which has foundations dating back to the 16th century is fondly called 'England's most haunted house.'
The house is listed in the Domesday Book under "Wymeringes: King's Land." The Doomsday Book was a record of real estate holdings written down for William the Conqueror, with the first draft completed in 1086.
Friends of Old Wymering, a group formed in 2006 in order to save Wymering from demolition announced that Portsmouth City Council had decided to auction the manor. Andrews & Robertson, the auctioneering company which will be selling the house on September 21st, have set the minimum starting bid at £375,000. After learning about the planned sale of the manor, Friends of Old Wymering has decided it will attempt to photograph as much of the inside of the manor possible over the next week.
If Andrews & Robertson are any indication, it appears that purchasing a haunted house in the United Kingdom is desirable, especially a house that is alleged to have verified ghosts inhabiting its very old walls, using the haunted nature of the property as a key selling point: "...The property is well known locally for its reported paranormal activity which still creates considerable interest, we understand there have been 'Ghost Tours' carried out at the property on frequent occasions as well as the filming of the BBC's Most Haunted Live in 2006."
The Daily Mail said the house is reputed to harbour up to 30 different ghosts. A spokesperson for Andrews & Roberston told the Daily Mail that private security hired to guard the vacant house from ghost hunters and other curiosity seekers will not stay on the grounds alone at night. The spokesperson also told the Daily Mail "'This is a property of some renown for being haunted, so there is a fair chance a future owner may use it as a guest house because of the novelty factor attached to it."
A local ghost hunting club, the Hampshire Ghost Club, investigates alleged hauntings. The group investigated Wymering Manor and claims there might be 18 different ghosts haunting the manor. Recorded paranormal activity at the manor includes: "Disembodied voices; Sightings; Poltergeist activity; Singing; Piano Music - No piano is on site!; Doppelgangers; The sound of a baby crying; The sounds of children laughter and running around"
The manor is not in good condition. Part of the northeast section collapsed years ago and was never repaired, said Friends of Wymering. The Daily Mail said at least £150,000 was needed to bring the house back to living condition.
Many paranormal sites promote Wymering Manor as being "not for the faint of hearted." It is almost guaranteed that paranormal activity will be experienced by the ghost hunter at Wymering. Spooky Locations has an information sheet about the reputed hauntings at Wymering Manor.
There will be a ghost hunt at the manor Saturday night from 8 pm to 2:30 am. Event organizers, Haunted Happenings, say the house was first owned by Edward the Confessor, then by William the Conqueror. Roman and medieval ruins are said to be located under parts of the current foundation. Hauntings, the organizers say, include a choir of nuns, horses heard neighing outside and a "ghostly nun" with blood dripping from her hands.
The United Kingdom has many houses that are said to be haunted, with the Borely Rectory in Essex also titled as the "most haunted" house. A top-ten list published by the Guardian in 2008 did not even mention Wymering Manor.
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