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article imageSnorkeling on coral reef, off-shore Cairns, Qld., Australia Special

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz     Sep 8, 2010 in Travel
Cairns - Everyone can find these tourist offers while wandering the streets of Cairns, especially The Esplanade Street along the beach. The offers go for about $AUS60 on average. Diving equipment costs additionally $AU20-30 at the time of booking.
An important note: those guys with facial hair will for sure have problems with the masks as they are not tight enough and the salty ocean water will be penetrating to the inside of them. But nobody warns the guys about this problem. The tourists agencies want to get your money no matter what and in fashionable Cairns everyone is considered to be rich when vacationing.
Equipping yourself with underwater camera to take some shots from under water is the right way to go, it's all worth it! They can also be purchased at the places that sell the packages.
Mark  giving instructions how to use snorkeling and diving equipment  off Cairns  Qld.  Australia.
Mark, giving instructions how to use snorkeling and diving equipment, off Cairns, Qld., Australia.
Once the package is bought (it includes transportation to and back from the ocean, instruction on how to use the equipment, all the safety issues, lunch on the way as well) the next step is to go to a starting point in the marina to find a boat that will take a group of a day’s travelers out to the Coral Sea towards The Great Barrier Reef.
First view of the reef  off Cairns  Qld.  Australia.
First view of the reef, off Cairns, Qld., Australia.
The boat takes some 10-15 people and soon after departing from the marina, one of the crewmen provides an instruction to everybody on how to safely use either snorkeling or diving equipment. The safety instruction takes some 20 minutes and the rest of time is just a lingering clue of how to kill the time when there’s 2 more hours of the trip ahead. The cruise takes some 2.5 hours before reaching the first reef.
State of full alert before sinking in  off Cairns  Qld.  Australia.
State of full alert before sinking in, off Cairns, Qld., Australia.
When the coral reef shows up with elongated beige line on the horizon, the excitement reaches its peak. It's the time for the equipment to go on faces, feet and backs. Soon after there's time to sink the bodies in completely warm waters of the sea. A quick check into the depths reveals enormously clear water with its charming underwater world of the reef where many colourful fish come up to greet their visitors.
Living coral reef  warm water  flour looking sand and shrieking birds  Coral See off Cairns  Qld.  A...
Living coral reef, warm water, flour looking sand and shrieking birds, Coral See off Cairns, Qld., Australia.
The whole escapade allows people to stay and relax when spending time in water for some 2 hours or so which is sufficiently enough to fully enjoy the new environment, full of its natural beauty. Then there's calling time for lunch - a light meal with lots of fruits. What's left over goes back to the ocean but never reaches its depths; big fish seem to be waiting for the food they know is right here for them. The coral reef itself is the area preserved as the national park and no-one can swim out there to touch the reef.
Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef  Coral Sea  off Cairns  Qld.  Australia.
Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, off Cairns, Qld., Australia.
If someone really dares doing it, the quick swim takes some 10 minutes to feel the reef. It’s an unimaginable experience to have crushed coral under the feet. For someone who ventures forward, the boat crew can send some yelling reprimands not to go anywhere else and come back.
Lunch for big fish  Coral See off Cairns  Qld.  Australia.
Lunch for big fish, Coral See off Cairns, Qld., Australia.
It can take up to 30 minutes to swim back. Some water counter-currents may hamper the swim back to the boat. It’s also a great idea to think in advance what would happen if the sharks came in and asking that kind of question must be priority over swimming up to the reef. The jellyfish can also be present in water.
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